Rescheduled Record Attempt

TheMopedGuys /

Just wanted everyone to know that TheMopedGuys 2002 record attempt has been rescheduled for the second week in Sept. I had to rescheduled our record attempt due to the death of my Grandmother. Everyone that requested a tee shirt will receive a Music Video of our last years trip as a substitute to the tee shirts. Once we have the exacted date of our 2002 ride we will make up new shirts and send them out.

Thanks for your support,

John Caprio


Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

sorry about your Grandmother, and good luck with the record attempt.

Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

Dan Webber Kastner /

sorry to here that John. Good luck with the trip though.

Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

god speed!

Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

InfectedBootSector /

Sorry to hear about that. I was wondering what had happened to the trip. I will be near one of the points on your schedule.... Uniontown....

I'de like to come see ya ride through town!

Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

My sympathy to you and your family, John.

Wishing you the best of times on the next trip.

Jim C.

Re: Rescheduled Record Attempt

I'm sorry to hear about that John.

Be sure to let us know what the new schedule is, it would be nice to keep up with your trip.


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