Cylinder Questions...HELP!!!

if I took the cylinder off to get the restrictor out of the exaust port, do I have to get new rings, gaskets or anything?

I could leave the cylinder on and drill out the restrictor, in the exaust port...... I would just have to make sure the piston is at the top of the cylinder blocking the exaust port, so the pieces of the restrictor don't get into the cylinder area, and not touch the piston with the drill piece, right?

Re: Cylinder Questions...HELP!!!

yes. you don't need new rings or gaskets, unless you broke the rings or ripped the gasket. I believe that you could also leave the cylinder on, just make sure that you clan out all the shavings

Re: Cylinder Questions...HELP!!!

i just took out the exaust restrictor, I did it by leaving the cylinder on. I made sure the piston was at the top, blocking the port. I put a paper wad in front of the piston, and drilled away with a dremmel thingy. It is running great and a little bit faster (maybe 3mph fatser, but noticable)

my speedo. don't work so I cant be exact

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