Frankenetic LIVES

IT runs. I haven't tested it more than going across the back yard, but the vespa variator variates, and it makes a ot of noise without the muffler on it.

It took me a while to figure out that you don't hold down the decomp. lever untill it starts-- You just pull it untill the engine starts turning, and keep pedaling.

The funny part, if you were watching me, was the first time the clutch grabbed- I almost went over the handlebars.

The hole in the gastank was a nasty rock chip, and I did manage to get most of the rust out of the tank.

Now if there was a proper punishment for those that use mopeds as dirt bikes......

Re: Frankenetic LIVES

thats awesome, i didnt know kinetic and vespa were so similar, that thing is gonna fly with a variator, kinetics are fast enough as 1 speeds! :P

i totally agree with the dirtbike thing, if you wanna play in the dirt, get a lil old trail bike, like a mini trail or yz80 and get it registered as a motorcycle, those can take a LOT of abuse, i know, i used to own a mini trail and now have a yz80 i got out of someones trash!


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I think it'll be fun with the bigger vespa carb too.

"All" I have to do is change out the 12:1 vespa hub for the 8:1 kinetic hub and I'll be in business.

There are directions that I found for doing it, but they arn't that clear. I think I'll have to take the rear wheel in to a bike shop and have them pull the freewheel, then something about a skinny socket to take it all apart. I'll have to look it up again.

Re: Frankenetic LIVES

this is the thread with the hub removal instructions.

I just hope the local bike shop has the right tool for the freewheel sprocket-- I never liked pounding on these things with a hammer and screwdriver.

Frankenetic - It's slow - call for help.

The 12:1 ratio on the Vespa SI hub is kind of limiting it. I only got it up to 25.

I also have a belt that's a little too long. The engine is all the way forward, and I think a shorter belt should do it.

I also discovered one of the limits of Vespa/Kinetic interchangeability. The rear hub on the Kinetic won't take the Vespa variator, and the Vespa hub won't take the Kinetic gears.

So now I hunt for a variator-compatable rear hub, probably out of a Grande? with the 8:1 drive ratio.

Or would I be better off trying to find Kinetic parts?

Re: Frankenetic LIVES

if there was a punishment for using mopeds as be on death row. as soon as i get the wheel i need ill stop my moped beating ways.

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