avanti quality control

i dont know why so many people diss avanti, i got a 2001 cosmo stinger (rebadged super sport) & i love the thing, now either i got really lucky and just got a good one (which very well could be!) or people need to re-evaluate their outlook on quality. im comparing it to a 1990 Tomos TTLX.

1. frame type

the avanti's is tubular steel, and the welds on it seem really good, damn thing suprised me first time i took off the panels, this thing is MEANT to be a top tank 'ped.

2. brakes

god i love them, best moped brakes ive ever seen, its almost TOO easy to lock my wheels.

3. ride comfort

the avanti has almost everything rubber mounted and has hydraulic rear shocks, the thing feels like a 125cc motorcycle, hardly any vibration and the seat is comfortable as hell. the engine is also rubber mounted, so theres very little vibration from it as well.

4. overall size

the avanti is about 2 times bigger than the tomos, this also means its heavier but ive found it to be a plus, since i often ride 2 up with people, and just generally like the safer feel of a larger bike.

5, tire quality

the avanti came stock with Dunlop tires, yes, you heard right REAL dunlop Maxi Grip ST tires. if you can find these for sale at a motorcycle dealer GET THEM, they are 2.50X16 but they will fit 2.25 rims just fine, the avanti rims are 2.25. most amazing moped tires ive ever seen, things grip like hell, even on wet asphalt! the stock semi slick tomos tires are downright dangerous on anything but dry warm clean asphalt.

6. gas tank capacity

the avanti's tank is HUGE (2.6gallons) when i was breaking the bike in, even after 300miles i didnt have to fill up, its amazing, my tomos used to hit reserve all the time, leaving me desparately looking for a gas station. the bike is also pre-mix, EVERY injected moped ive had has seized atleast once, i dont trust the things, id rather be absolutely SURE my bike was getting oil in its gas, because i put it there!

6. lights

the headlight on my tomos stinks, its only 21 watts and only low beam, the avantis is 25watts high and low, most streets where i live have no lights, and even at 38mph, i still can see really good. the tomos was scary at night at that speed.

7. engine

so far, this thing has been very reliable (albeit a little on the slow side from over-rich jetting) the company was putting jets in that were too small before, but i think they overdid it, it runs smoky and fouls plugs, perhaps they knew how much people like to mod out their 'peds, and prepared it for this.

all this having been said, ive never ridden one of the newer Tomos', maybe they have gotten better, or like i said, maybe i just got lucky and got a good avanti. only problems i have with it, are, the brakelight switches tend to turn on over big bumps, and the gas tank was rusty and leaked, it was replaced under warranty though.


Re: avanti quality control

Did you do some derestricting to cure your "rich" problem?

Re: avanti quality control

tonight i installed a smaller jet, the #53 dellorto jet from my Tomos fit the pacco carb perfectly, likewise, the 54 from the pacco is gonna go into my tomos! the jets are the same size/shape/thread/numbering system. i also pulled the lil restrictor plugs in the airbox, so i think the both of those will bring it to proper mixture.


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