I just baught a old '84 TOMOS Silver Bullet, It runs great and everything,But all my friends have new 2002 model yamahas and i need to keep up with them a bit better what do you recomend i top out at about 28miles an hour .


ps i was thinkgin about getting a Bi-Turbo and a speed sprocket


Re: HELP!!!

yes, get the biturbo pipe and speed sprocket, also get a larger jet for your carb and pull off your airbox, leave the boot on tho, to hold in the air filter, or run a wire across the carb to hold it in. i have a 1990 Golden Bullet TTLX, and even with low compression and a stock sprocket, i can sill pop wheelies, i also fitted a CDI (electronic) ignition to my bike, but i dont really think its nessecary, just keep the points clean and properly gapped in your bike and it should be fine. you can get an A3 like yours and mine to top out at 35mph and have decent pickup too.


p.s. when you order your biturbo, see if the shop you get it from can get you some allen bolts to replace the exhaust studs, you cant get the bolts on with the stock exhaust studs, tell them you need 2 allen bolts just like the ones in your handlebar clamp, and unscrew the exhaust studs with vise grips and use them in their place. also get a side stand for your bike, the stock kickstand hits the biturbo and wont go down fully meaning it can catch and drag over bumps.

Re: HELP!!!

My advice....don't sweat what other peope have. You'll go crazy trying to keep up with everyone. I own two vintage VWs that are slow as molasses. Do I care? Nope. It only matters how I like them. First it's bikes, then mopeds, and then cars. It never ends. Just enjoy what you have.

Re: HELP!!!


I have everthing you need . The pipe , jets, sprocket, side stand and the allen bolts.


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