Paint removal from Plastic

I have an older open face helmet that's been painted. Underneath the paint is clear plastic with blue sparkly stuff underneath. I want to remove the paint so the helmet is original (with sparkly stuff exposed). I've searched the Web and Brake Fluid and Oven Cleaner are mentioned frequently. Also products such as "Simple Green", "Aztek Concentrated Airbrush Cleaner", and "Chameleon Paint Stripper". Has anyone removed paint from a motorcycle helmet? What did you use? All the above products seem to have pluses and minuses such as cost, potential to damage, effectiveness, etc.

Anyone?? Re: Paint removal from Plastic

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Re: Anyone?? Re: Paint removal from Plastic

depends on what the paint is. brake fluid will take about anything off, but may etch the surface.

Oven cleaner also works well, and generally dosn't harm plastics, but may have to be applied a few times.

Just about anything that removes paint will etch the plastic.

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