RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

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No, the Trike was destroyed.

Finally put out by failed attempts to steal it, someone waited till I was in the hospital for more surgery and tied a chain around the towing hitch of a truck and tried to yank it free...which didn't work since my "drawbridge chain" is near-indestructible, and that was attached to an eight-foot grounding pole dug in and set with concrete.

What it DID do, however, was rip the front of the trike completely off, and pissed at this...they stuffed a rag in the fuel tank and set the whole works on fire.

The surgery, was, of amputation, and thanks to that losing the trike was a crippling blow, that was as bad as trashing someones wheelchair, all for the sake of a few moments of amusement.

Tis for this reason that if one touches my 'ped, especially with ill intent, they get a no-warning, no-quarter load of rocksalt in the gluteus maximus, from both barrells of my over&under don't come NEAR my 'ped, you have any sense, unless I am with you - I've had too many destroyed or stolen to have any kind of tolerance for such things, and I WILL fire on someone, it's cheaper to pay the fine for blasting a shot off than to replace the 'ped.

I did get a prosthetic leg that worked, a couple YEARS later ($%#& MD State-Run HMO's), cause no one could seem to make one I could not break or that would not shred the stump with use...but Michigan Othropedic Services worked a miracle for me, courtesy of Dr. Aziz "Ozzy", who's real* good at what he does.

And I got a 'ped, that Suzuki Fa-50, which I am getting RID of (see my ad in buy/sell) cause it sucks...and getting a real Moped, with is prolly going to be a Tomos Targa (bleh) or a Yamaha Razz, my pref bein the Tomos, of course.

Unless one of you guys wanna sell me the dream moped, an 88-91 Tomos Golden Bullet TT LX, which I consider to be the Creme De Le Creme of Mopeds.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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