changing tomos transmission cover- how?

On My tomos ttlx there is the right side aluminum transmission cover , on the side it has been ground away through about 3 millimeters of the case because the pedal arm used to be bent, and although still sealed, the metal is very thin. Also the transmission fluid drain plug is so stripped it stays in by a very small amount of threading... I have a parts bike to get a new case off of, i just need to know how hard it will be to do this. I just put a new front fork on it and it took like 3 hours! I need to know if there is anything really important to look out for when doing this. I just know that last time i replaced something big, it took way longer than i had expected. Replies appreciated.

RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

you will have to drain the oil, get a new case gasket, and when your done putting it all back together, put more oil in it!

RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

Reeperette /

Shouldn't be too hard, BUY THE GASKET FIRST, mind, and but two of them cause they are easy to might want to grab some permatex gasket sealer too, if the casing is a little bent.

The hard part is getting that damn pedal arm off, especially if it's a little bent, expect that to take up to an hour and a half of hammering and shouting varied obscenities, but it will, eventually come off, try not to damage the threads too badly, a rubber mallet and a wooden dowel are best tools for getting that %#$@& pin out.

Now, drain or plug the fuel lines, and drain the trans, and lay it on it's side.

Remove the outer bolts and lift the transmission cover off.

Remember which bolts went where too, because some of them are longer/shorter than others, mark with chalk or draw yourself a diagram.

Then get some ultra-fine sandpaper and gently brush-sand the contact points where the right side cover will seal against, to remove dirt, grime, old gasket pieces, etc...gently, mind.

Now, get an empty pop bottle, a rag, and a towel.

Pour some dishashing liquid in the bottle and fill it the rest of the way with water, and go back outside, pour this mixture on the rag and clean off the contact points want that metal gleaming and clean, do the same to the new piece to clean off any preservation oils possibly used on it in storage.

Towel them fully dry.

This is a little more work, but it saves you the hassle of putting it all together only to find that because of one little speck of oil in the wrong place, the damn thing leaks, you know ? - you want a perfect seal.

Now, put a tiny bit of permatex on your finger and line the contact points on the trans with a very thin layer of the stuff. (careful here, some products might burn you're skin some with prolonged contact)

Now, slowly and with great patience, put the Gasket on, take your time, cause the Gasket is very fragile, and if it rips even a tiny bit, the trans will leak when you are done.

Once the Gasket is on, and you've gently pressed it to the layer of sealant, apply another thin layer to the side of the Gasket facing out now, and then place the cover in position, and slowly and gently press it down to ensure good and full contact.

Now replace the bolts, consulting your diagram or chalk marks so they go in the right holes, and tighten them down firmly.

Bring the 'ped back up on it's kickstand, and replace the pedal arm, it should be relatively easy unless the pin is very bent, or you've torn up the threads getting it out.

Unplug the fuel lines, and fill the trans appropriately, and wait 2 hours for the sealant to be wholly dry.

Then start it, let it run for about 10min in place, throttling up and down, while checking that Gasket seal...if you have no leaks, your are good to go.

Hope this helps, and happy motoring.


RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

Reeperette /


Expect it to take up to Four hours, somewhere between two and four, is most likely.


RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

hey, ree, i read your story, you are very determined!!! do you still have the tomos trike? How's the leg?

RE: changing tomos transmission cover- how?

Reeperette /

No, the Trike was destroyed.

Finally put out by failed attempts to steal it, someone waited till I was in the hospital for more surgery and tied a chain around the towing hitch of a truck and tried to yank it free...which didn't work since my "drawbridge chain" is near-indestructible, and that was attached to an eight-foot grounding pole dug in and set with concrete.

What it DID do, however, was rip the front of the trike completely off, and pissed at this...they stuffed a rag in the fuel tank and set the whole works on fire.

The surgery, was, of amputation, and thanks to that losing the trike was a crippling blow, that was as bad as trashing someones wheelchair, all for the sake of a few moments of amusement.

Tis for this reason that if one touches my 'ped, especially with ill intent, they get a no-warning, no-quarter load of rocksalt in the gluteus maximus, from both barrells of my over&under don't come NEAR my 'ped, you have any sense, unless I am with you - I've had too many destroyed or stolen to have any kind of tolerance for such things, and I WILL fire on someone, it's cheaper to pay the fine for blasting a shot off than to replace the 'ped.

I did get a prosthetic leg that worked, a couple YEARS later ($%#& MD State-Run HMO's), cause no one could seem to make one I could not break or that would not shred the stump with use...but Michigan Othropedic Services worked a miracle for me, courtesy of Dr. Aziz "Ozzy", who's real* good at what he does.

And I got a 'ped, that Suzuki Fa-50, which I am getting RID of (see my ad in buy/sell) cause it sucks...and getting a real Moped, with is prolly going to be a Tomos Targa (bleh) or a Yamaha Razz, my pref bein the Tomos, of course.

Unless one of you guys wanna sell me the dream moped, an 88-91 Tomos Golden Bullet TT LX, which I consider to be the Creme De Le Creme of Mopeds.


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