probably a ridiculous question, but...

What's an air-horn?

Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

david f martin /

Uses an air pump to force air thru the horn (not sure how the horn works), instead of piezo or electromagnetic element.


Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

david f martin /

Forgot. There are also aerosol powered horns, which are basically the same idea as an air horn.


Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

like an 18-wheeled truck has. it uses an air compressor to force air through a horn, and it is much louder than a standard horn. :)

Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

hmmm, sounds interesting... where can I buy one of these? It would be a lot cooler than the wimpy noise that comes out of my moped's horn... although it has a certain amusing charm, especially when the lights dim at the same time :)

Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

david f martin /

One place I've found unusual automotive electronics is at one of the larger truck stops (the kind that have a restaraunt and a gift shop).


Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

> hmmm, sounds interesting... where can I buy one of these? It

> would be a lot cooler than the wimpy noise that comes out of

> my moped's horn... although it has a certain amusing charm,

> especially when the lights dim at the same time :)

A lot of automotive stores have them as well. If you have a Harbor Freight Tools in your area you can pick one up for pretty cheap.

I think Wayne has one on his ped.

soccer games

sometimes suburban moms bring them to soccer games and sound off whenever their kid gets off the bench. they also generally have a cowbell.


In the cab is a chain that hangs from the top. When I pull it it blows the AIRHORN on top of the truck. The idea is that people will pull over and let me pass during an emergency.

The real question is...Why do people wait to stop at the top of a hill so that, as I pass, I can't see the oncoming traffic? :o)

Re: Airhorns (Mbartell!)

I have them on my moped. Very loud. Under 30$, you can find em for 19.99

Mbartel installed one too--- his is much simpler and covert than mine, but just as loud.

If you JUST want an airhorn, ask Mbartell.... his has a smaller battery, and I think his horn is located in a cool location.

You can search the forum for "Moped Stereo" and you'll find all the articles about airhorns and stereo.

Basically, you have to buy the horn kit, buy a gel-cell battery, hook the thing up to the battery in your living room, wire a fuse and horn button. Once you can "honk" the airhorn inside, then you figure out how you want to attach the horn and battery to your moped.

iv been wanting to put on a airhorn

i was gonna put on a airhorn...just wanna get my moped working before i do...(i still need the bearings)

Re: iv been wanting to put on a airhorn

The airhorn is fun and usefull. I'll put one on every ped I have from now on.

I do need to find a higher-quality push button switch......The one I have has a tendancy to get stuck on.

Here's the thread on mine- with pictures...

Re: Sticking switch

The resaon the switch sticks is that too many amps are going through it, welding the contact together.

Put a horn relay in the circuit to solve the problem. They use three wires, Battery, Switch, and Horn. The other side of the switch will go to ground

You can get one at an auto parts place. I've picked some up at the local self-service junk yards.


Re: Sticking switch

Actually, in this case it's not the welding contacts... It's a cheaply made horn button, if you press it just right the black plastic disk that you press on slips down and gets wedged under the metal around it. The contacts are brass inside, and can handle more than the power that's going thru it. If I was plugging into the moped's system, I'd defiantly want a relay and a fuze on it, just to make sure I don't fry anything. The kit came with a relay, and directions on how to connect it to a car's system.

Re: too many amps cooks small wire

I've made horns and stereos with the wrong wire before. I was melting wires and popping fuses then I learned about guage, and how that relates. Braided wire can do some weird stuff too.

Once, when it (the pannier/stereo/horn setup) was on my mountain bike, smoke started coming out of it. That was my lesson in the importance of fusing things.

Jim C. has a good point, which is to use the right parts and nice thick primary wire to avoid the kind of current that could weld contacts (kinda spot welding in shop!).

I was skeptical about the relay, because like Mbartell, I keep it all seperate from the moped. That's why I like those funky fake-neon fiber optic rave lights that run from a tiny battery pack... now that's some HOT technology.

You guys have no idea how tempted I am to try to install airhorns and amp on my new scooter. The trick would be doing it so almost ALL the parts were totally invisible.... I think I could 'flush mount' the speakers... and the replacement plastic is cheap... I could buy the replacement parts FIRST and then mod them into stereo parts.

Mounting the amp is easy as pie.... plenty of battery room.... it's the problem of where the speakers go, and eliminating any vibration. It would be sweet to have a pimpin stereo... maybe I'll buy a cheap, cheap 2nd scoot to play with, just for the stereo know-how....I have a bunch of amps and parts... I should probably look into the accessories for my scooter...see what kinds of racks can be mounted.

scoots and mopeds... they're always for sale around here.... (maybe because most people in maine HATE 50cc machines...and people buy them, and then get too scared and hassled to ride anymore...)

For people who REALLY follow the forum, I'm going to post a pic of my new scooter later, and then a picture of the mint QT-50. I'm not trying to revive the topic, just showing how darn easy it is to tell one animal from another.

I think the Moped Army did a great job of defining what they consider a moped, and I think they realized people would keep asking...and asking....and asking.... I have no idea how that thread turned into an "Army Bashing". The whole thing was handled quite well, I thought, and suddenly, there seemed to be venom in the air... geez.

I'll ask Simon in an E-mail, and see what he thinks about making a sort of "Idiot's Guide" to telling if your bike was a moped or not... have some fun with it, while still "laying down the law".... maybe someone could do one, and put it under "pure" mopeds, and some of the odd-balls (honda express, QT-50)... there was a thread, recently that seemed to suggest that few of the early japanese 50cc's had pedals... but clearly moped styling. A LOT of those NC's and QT's were sold... thousands... all waiting for someone to restore...and ride with pride.

I agree with the philosophy of the Army.... I don't want some punk-ass kids on new scooters joining the army under the pretense of being a "Branch". That would have no sense of "History" and I think History is an important part of the Army...the fact that many of the bikes are older, and even buying a "Brand New" moped means you're "buying out" of the high-speed high-cost scam system of automobiles.... saving gas, just like in the 70's.

Too many amps??? Bzzzzzzzzz I can feel the brain shorting circuiting.

Re: probably a ridiculous question, but...

When Wayne plays air guitar on Wayne's World, isn't air horn what Garth plays as accompaniment?

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