what is this worth?

im not sure if this is rare but a lot of people havent heard/seen of it. its a 1979 Grycner Floozie. here are pictures..


Re: what is this worth?

the site doesnt work

Re: what is this worth?

worked for me and i think that you can find the sachs motor at billsmopeds

Re: what is this worth?

Re: what is this worth?

It's not worth anything really. No motor, no seat, no nothing. If you got a motor on it and it was complete, it would be worth something.

Re: what is this worth?

david f martin /

You might put it up on Ebay. Someone with a complete Floozie might need one of the wheels or the fork or something.

You probably won't get much for it, but as it is missing so many vital parts, it's probably the best you can do.


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