Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

I was thinking about it a little.

... and it seems like the ONLY true moped (with pedals) sold in the US and made in Japan .. (since about 1970) ... was the Honda PA50's.

I have seen a few pic's of older Suzuki's with pedals.. but I don't think they were ever sold in the US... (but I don't know).

There were probably a few others sold in the 60's that I am not aware of ... know of any ??

I am sure there were PLENTY of Jap peds sold in Asia... maybe even Europe.

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

Fred I had one when I was 16... it had very little US markings and was not a major brand name...

It had nothing but symbols on everything. and was very very diffren't from the mopeds i have seen here. it did have pedals and had a manual clutch you ingaged to start the motor. it had high and low beam headlight turn signals a battery located under the seat as well as storage and even an auxilery tank that held an extra gallon of feul.. it had a key switch as well but not an electric starter.. it only alolowed for spar i guess... you had to pedal it to get it to start while holding the clutch switch and the choke.

anyways.. since i don't know hte name it was or anything i doubt that helps ya any.. but what about yamaha didn't they have some?

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

Hey Fred,

Was your PA50 made in Japan? My 1980 says Belgium.

Speaking of which, it's running great thanks to your carb cleaning tips. After a good cleaning, and a new throttle cable it runs great and doesn't bog down or stall anymore.

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

most mopeds were manufactured in a few differant contries.

PA50= Belgium !

The PA50 II was made in Belgium! When they stop the production, the plant close !!! (It close at same time of FLANDRIA to !?) Why it's hard to have parts for these machine now !!!

Re: PA50= Belgium !

Yeah they were made in Belgium, but bought by Honda, like how Mazda bought Ford Explorers and called them "Navajos"

OK .. so there were NO Jap mopeds ??

... lol ... OK ... I forgot the PA's were assembled in Belgium.

I do believe they were designed in Japan... certainly the motors were .. -they come with Japanese carbs and ignitions- .. but you are right .. they rolled off the assembly line in Belgium.

interesting... cuzz then that means there were no true mopeds sold in the US that were 'made' in Japan ? (post 60's)

Duck .. the Yamaha QT's and Suzuki FA's and Honda Expresses all came without pedals... (not 'true' mopeds).

Alain... did the Falandrias share any parts with the PA's ?

Yamaha Chappy LB50PH

Had pedals. They could be locked in a footpeg position. It also had a kick starter but it had workable pedals so legally it was a MOPED.

Pic of the Yamaha Chappy LB50

Re: Pic of the Yamaha Chappy LB50


I'm a recent proud owner of a 1980-82 vintage Chappy that I purchased several months ago with about 800 miles. Very nice piece but dog slow even with tires inflated to the max 75 lbs of air. Have erad much of the speed tips on board but can't find any parts at local Yam dealers. You seem familiar with model any suggestions on getting more mph, currently maz at 25 mph down slight grade. It has 2 range trans and pedals as you stated. Top speed was in high range, low range for off road or parade riding is about 16+. Thanks for any clues or advice. Bought the Chappy from a guy in New Hampshire who advertised it on board in August 2001.

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

I own a 1969 Honda PC50 which I believe was made in Japan.According to Honda Canada ,they were imported to Canada in 1969 and 1970.

Re: Pic of the Yamaha Chappy LB50

Sorry Bill no experience with that bike, I just checked my reference library and found this Japanese bike with pedals, then checked under photos on this site and found the pics.

There were probably different models as with most mopeds, 20, 25 and 30 mph models according to the state where they were originally sold. My refernce library says 30 mph was top rated speed.

You might try removing the muffler and take it for a test run and see if the speed improves. If speed does improve, you probably need to decarb the muffler, exhaust port, cylinder head and piston. Also put in a new spark plug with the proper gap. See if your local Yamaha dealer can help you with this info.

I don't know if it is a belt, chain or drive shaft driven. If it is belt driven. a new belt would probably help or checking the tension on the belt. If it is a chain drive, clean and oil the chain and make sure it has the proper tension.

This bike is oil injected so make sure your oil lines are open and the oil pump is working or you could ruin your engine. If in doubt you can plug the oil lines and run premix in the tank.

This is also a pretty heavy moped (168 lbs). The weight of the bike plus the weight of the rider has an affect on top end speed.

Re: Yamaha Chappy LB50PH

hey do you want to sell it it dont matter if it dont work i just realy need a chappy please help me get one email me at littlep222@hotmail.com

Re: Yamaha Chappy LB50PH

trying to find engine info. ona 1980 yamaha chappy. possible manual to get this classic back on the road.

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?


I have a 1970 Honda PC50. They were made in Japan. There is a pic on my web site. www.ikesbikes.com. Check it out!


Re: OK .. so there were NO Jap mopeds ??

fred did they ever (honda) sell in the usa the pc50 line? they had either the pushrod engine or the overhead cam version.they also had pedals.they were very popular in england!

i had an ss50 4 speed (with pedals) top tank back when i was 16 !


Well yeah actually they did ... (notice I cleverly said 'after 1970' ??.. I did that on purpose .. because of the PC50 .. and because pre 1970 is really a different era from post 1970)

Yeah .. the PC50's here were the pushrod motors .. I'd like to see one up close .. and ride it.

I don't know if they sold PC50's here after 1970 .. I don't think so.

I know this .. I talked to an old old Honda dealer here last week ... (a small independant repair shop) .. I asked him if he'd ever SEEN a PC50... he said no.

If THAT guy has never seen one .. that is a major indication that there were very very few sold here.

He's probably a million* Hondas .. of all sizes.


geez ... I meant .. "he's probably SEEN a million* Hondas"

Re: PC50's


Come on down! Igot a PC50 you can see up close and you can take ride if you want??? It runs great but tops out about 30mph. But i like the sound and torque of the 4 stroke!


PC50 versus Super Cub

Hey Ike,

What's the difference between a PC50 and a Super Cub 50cc? They both look alike to me, but then again, I've never seen a PC50 in person.

Do you know if a lot of Super Cub's (C100, CA100) etc. were sold in the US? I know they were hugely popular in Asia, but they're way before my time.



Re: PC50 versus Super Cub

A super Cub does not have pedals. So, technically it is not a moped. But the Honda Cub was the most popular motor vehicle ever produced!! There were millions of them sold worldwide!

Re: PC50 versus Super Cub

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

they did sell pc50 after 1970, my friend has a 1976.

Re: PC50 versus Super Cub


I just bought an older Chappy and I'd like to try and figure out if it is a 50 or 80 and what year it is. Can anyone help? The serial number is 2U7-002555. Thanks!!!

Re: Yamaha Chappy LB50PH

Do you want to sell it,I need an engine badly,will buy entire bike...

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

hey man

how about a angel moped....made in taiwan

Re: Was the PA50 the ONLY Jap moped ?

Didnt Yamaha make an old moped (before 1970)?

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