Puch body cavity

on my maxi, there is a hollow in the frame, right where the air box straps on. I there any way to completly open this up and sand it? mine has seom light rust, and I was wondering if there is anything I can do before the problem escalates thanks.

Re: Puch body cavity

bump, but only because I couldn't find the older messages link. it seems to have dissapeared.

Re: Don't do it

Any box section in a frame that is spot welded is there to add rigidity to the frame.

Mess with it, and your frame could fold in half while you're riding.


Re: Don't do it

could I sandblast it and spray rubberized paint down to stop rerusting? I sprayed wd-40 on all the rust to keep it from progressing. The problem happeded when mice made a nest over the winter in the cavity. when I opened it up, it was rusty, probably from mice urine. I just want to stop this problem where it is now and not let it progress. thanks.

Re: Don't do it

mice nested in ur moped??? thats definately not somethin that happens often


david f martin /

I see it all the time on cars that I work on, old and new. If it is cold and rainy and windy outside, and you found a nice safe dry place to sleep, wouldn't you sleep there?


Re: Sandblast and paint

If you can do it, it would be a good idea to do it in that area.

And yes, mouse urine is corrosive.


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