1979 PUCH fuel & performance questions

I have a 1979 puch maxi 2 hp. I am wondering what lead substitutes and synthetic 2 stroke oil you might recommend and with what octane gas. I live at 7,300 ft. above sea level and would like to know of any adjustments or other things that could boost performance, top speed, and maybe torque. I

RE: 1979 PUCH fuel & performance questions

Wow!... that is high altitude!

Normally I would say to go with this plan.


With modern 2-stroke oils you should probably pre-mix between 3 oz.(43 to 1) or 4 oz.(32 to 1) of oil per gallon of gas.....and mopeds are designed to run on the lowest octane of gas you can buy (87 oct.) because they are afraid that somebody who doesn't know better will put the cheap stuff in..... and higher octane will not make it run better or faster or make more power.... Make sure you buy 2-stroke oil.

I have not found it necessary to go with synthetic oil.

Lead additives serve no purpose in 2 stroke.

But at your altitude you might gain a little performance by milling the head for more compression.

And you get more top speed with a tuned pipe like a Bi-Turbo... but I don't know if they make one specifically for your ped.

Either way if you start making changes watch the spark plug color...if it is getting white you are in danger of a seizure.

RE: 1979 PUCH fuel & performance questions

I called the guy i bought it from and he used amsoil(i think thats what he said the brand was) 100:1 synthetic. He said it's hard to find but it's worth it because the engine runs much smoother.

I'm not yet willing to cough up the money for a new bi-turbo ($150 at http://www.mopedworld.com/PerformancePuch.htm)

How would i go about milling the head for more compression? We do have a machine shop, even in this tiny (home of the atomic bomb) mountain town, i could go to.



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