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Since I last posted the question about the Petcock I went to a local cycle shop and got a great replacement, also I have been pretty much trying to familiarize myself with the Sachs 505/1 on my Columbia Commuter.....

Shure right all good. Cleaning replaced some seals here and there cleaned my pipe etc General Maintenance, so heres the question

even when I open up give it max gas top speed is 25-27 in that range is that pretty average for the age, make, ETC ???

What can I do to make that top speed increase??



P.S. Thank you for the help last time, it was my first post and i was thrilled with the quick reasponce

Re: Speed Question

u can buy a performance pipe...performance carb...speed kit and speed sproket

Re: Speed Question

ok And how do i figure out wich pipe will fit my ped and wich company would you Suggest

Re: Speed Question

...this is probally a long shot, but check your front sprocket and make sure you have 11 teeth on it. my sachs was doing the same thing, and i have a proma circuit pipe on it, anyway mine had a 9 tooth sprocket, witch will gear you low. i think the 9 tooth is pretty rare but, if mine had it yours might too. i think the stock set up is an 11-44. 11 front/44 rear. mine has a 45 on the rear...so take a look.

Fast sachs?

I've got a bi-turbo on order right now, I'm going to see what it'll do for my sachs.

Mine is getting up to the 30MPH range, but I need to replace my speedometer cable.

Only Sachs tips I have:

get the square head,

Large diameter exhaust pipe

bigger carb

Make sure the decompression valve is set up correctly

Try using 3 heavy clutch plates, and a thin washer, or no washer if it won't fit.

Moped warehouse has a speed kit, but I don't know if anyone here has tried it yet.

Other than that, I run a little closer to 40:1 than 50:1

Is there anyone running faster than that, willing to share info???????

Re: Fast sachs?

Ok i just checked my sprocket i have 11-44

alright let me ask you this if i could only buy one thing right now az far az new parts go witch part would give me the most Pipe, carb, air filter, Head ???

Re: Fast sachs?

first thing- Pipe, then carb, then head/cylinder.

I'm talking about stock Sachs parts, not aftermarket. You may already have some of them.

Go thru the guide-Fred's- and make sure that you are running at your best before you start buying and changing things.

Yo, Vapor

I put your stuff in the mail today- found a good use for those AOL tin CD cases.

It should be there within a week, I just sent it normal first class mail.

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