carb problems

I have another 81 garreli super sport, Not the racing one. After filling it with 93 octane gas and a 5% 2 stroke oil mix I took it for a ride. It started up ok, then when going through an alley at full throttle 35 mph it started cutting out and dying. keep in mind it doesnt like to idle corectly either. Also the transmitiion side gasket is in need of repair it doesnt leak much maybe a tea spoon of oil at a time, But I heard a popping noise in the transmittion. The oil was changed about a week before with 20 weight 4 stroke oil thats what I read in an online manual to use, It took 1 quart of oil. Should I change to ATF? Can any one help with the carb Im pulling it off tonite, the ped had slow acceleration, and it felt like something was holding me back, it is a 2 speed tranny the NO1 model engine. Any help is appreciated. thanks

Re: carb problems

start on fred's guide (in the resources section) and start troubleshooting.

does it sound like it's backfiring? did you do a plug chop? if you're leaking tranny oil, do you still have any left? (you should really get that gasket right away).

check your carb and clean it thoroughly. check for clogged ports. is your muffler dirty/clogged?

go over fred's guide step by step.

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