79 Kriedler, electrical?

Just go this moped. It doesn't have lights, horn or speedometer workng. It has two wires loose under the seating compartment. with fittings (two female ends) that doesn't seem to go anywhere, they are just laying there.

Anyone know whats going on here?

Re: 79 Kriedler, electrical?

I'll check on mine and report back. i've got the slow kreidler not the fast one.

Re: 79 Kriedler, electrical?

Mine is slow too? I think the loose wires in the under the seat compartment are for added turn signals. Still no lights

Re: 79 Kriedler, electrical?

Here are the colors for the wires under the seat on my type mp19, date of manufacture 1/79, kreidler. green with red stripe wire and grey wire goes to tail light.black with white stripe and black with green stripe goes to direction lights,brown and black wires goes to the ground on the seat frame. mine has a black box under the seat,ULO (in big letters)made in Germany ebc typ-801 Going to this black box are two red wires,2green wires and one black with a white stripe with a brown wire for a total of 6. Does any know what is the purpose of this black cube? hope this helps. I couldn't find any blue wires

Also on your Kreidler is the chain from the petal sprocket to the back sprocket (24 teeth to 16 teeth) the same as the one on the other side.

Ken R hwyb@ticon.net

Re: 79 Kriedler, electrical?

Thanks Ken maybe I can get this ped figured out. It would be nice to be able to drive at night or have brake lights!!!!! Mine is missing the original muffler. Do you know anyone who sells a replacement of aftermaket one?

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