Trike Photos, New info...

Reeperette /

Got em in envelopes, and soon as I can find some stamps, they'll be goin out to you guys....

Part of the delay was due to the fact that we bought a house...a veritable palace of a house, and with a 2-1/2 car garage with proper workshop shelving that'll fit 20 mopeds if I want it to, AND I can work on em without draggin em 14 miles away, YAY !

Downside is that the trike mods are gonna hafta wait since that $$$ is going into closing costs, but with all the time in the world and a proper workshop ? mahnn, I am drooling at the very thought, here...

Move-in date is end of October, so I'll just have to live with a rocket takeoff to it's demonic top speed of alla 24mph.

You wanna see the place, lemme know, they still have a Virtual Tour listed so I can show it off to folks, but they'll prolly take that down soon, since it's been purchased.


Re: Trike Photos, New info...

Dan Webber Kastner /


lets see the virtual tour! congrats on a new house.



Reeperette /


Input in MLS (Not Tour ID) this number.


Check out especially "Main living area".

Add to that, attic/storage, 2nd floor, full basement, 2-1/2 garage and all the present appliances....all on 1/4 acre of prime downtown lot in a historic district.

You bet yer bippy I am quite pleased with it.


Re: Ok...enjoy.

Looks sweet, but I gotta ask- maby I shouldn't - what's with the old-person portable toilets in every room?

I mean DAMN that's convience.

It's always better to live in the old part of town.

Re: Ok...enjoy.

InfectedBootSector /

Haha! I didn't notice those...

Re: Trike Photos, New info...

Congrats on the home, Ree. your First? we just got our first house... weird not paying rent....

very exiting, 1st or not.

Forget the pics of the trike--! I want to see what you get set up for a workshop!

I've been working on mine, but 5 bikes in there already.... I think I'm going to keep the "work area" in the 1-car garage, and the tools and all the other stuff down cellar.... run a compressor line when I need air.

We're going to get a "carpentry for dummies" book. Hopefully, the first thing they teach you to build is a good workbench .

I want to "Be like Fred" and have a bench grinder and a compressor and lots of other goodies.

See if I can't dremmel right through the engine while trying to port an exhaust.... one step at a time (in order to minimize the damage).

Great news, Ree!! That's going to be some shop.


Ah, that...

Reeperette /

The house is handicap-accessible, with wide doors, tub mods, and a ramp from the garage to the side porch.

I don't use a wheelchair normally, unless my leg is torn up really bad (as it was after the ride we made to and from BBQ that day) but when the prosthetic isn't workin, such features come in handy.


Two, in fact, Wayne.

Reeperette /

The Garage has shelving, power and all that kinda thing, obviously...but get this..

Down in the basement, in the very back, is a small room with a sufficiency of outlets and a pegboard wall there as well, just beggin to be converted into a small detail workshop.

Since I do a lotta stuff, Models, Minatures, Dollhouses, Mopeds, appliance repair, etc....

I figure I will have the main shop in the garage, and kit out the one in the basement for small detail work, with a 360 rotating vise (called by some a "spare hands") and extra bright lighting.

We'll see.

And yeah, 1st more BOOMBOOMBOOM stereo at 1am in the friggin morning, no more hauling my moped 14+ miles away to work on it, no more sharing a wall with obnoxious dweebs, and no more having to tippy-toe around someone else's damn rules.

And good riddance to it all.


Re: Congrats, Ree!

Looks to be a nice old neighborhood. Is that a fire station across the street?

I have one about six block away, and I'm 2 blocks up from the main street. You hear them most of the time, but on early morning weekends when there is no traffic, they tend to keep the sirens off.

Considerate bunch, those L.A. County Firefighters!



Save your money. When something breaks, there's no landlord to call!

Re: Congrats, Ree!

Reeperette /

>>Looks to be a nice old neighborhood. Is that a fire station across the street?<<

Yep, and considering my girl's cooking is of the "scorched earth" variety, that's a good thing !

:::ducks empty pop bottle:::

>>Save your money. When something breaks, there's no landlord to call!<<

Having never been able to TRUST one to fix even a leaky faucet in all the places I have lived, and in flat defiance of most leases, I been doin my own upkeep for many a year, I shall manage, I think.

No matter what the lease says, no way am I waiting till I am knee-deep in puddles to fix the plumbing, when they finally get around to it three months later...


Re: Ok...enjoy.

Dan Webber Kastner /

Pretty nice. Where is it located?


Re: Congrats, Ree!

Looks sweet Ree! You used to call her your room mate...Now she's your girl! Must have something to do with getting you that big garage. :)

Re: Ok...enjoy.

Reeperette /

About 10 miles east of Ann Arbor, between that and Metro Airport.


My Girl/Other Trike/Photos

Reeperette /

Well, just one of them things...went from roomies to semi-dating/friends (you know what I mean) and just kinda slowly metamorphed into "old married couple", just without the paperwork.

To hear us go back and forth at each other, you'd think we'd been married twenty's quite hilarious, and vaguely reminds one of Miracle Max and wife from Princess Bride.

She's not overfond of mopeds, given that she thinks we're all suicidal, but it makes me happy, so she plays along...I actually got her on the trike for a couple minnits, and it about frightened her out of her wits.

She likes it tho, and agrees with me that if we found someone to make those rear ends again, there would be a LOT of interest in them.

Speakin o which....who had that other Trike in their basement ?

I been gettin offers for mine, so if yer interested in parting with it, I can send those folks to you.

The photos went out this mornin, also...


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