kreidler chain

Does any one have a kreidler moped and or repair,service manual? mine is missing the drive chain to the back sprocket. would like to know what size and the number of links it is supposed to have. also would like to converse with someone who has one of these. mine has petals and high handle bars. I don't know what model it is but it has printed in large letters KREIDLER.


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Reeperette /

Dunno much about Kreidlers, but most mopeds use a 415 Chain size.


Re: kreidler chain

Contact <a href="">Casey</a>, I know that he has a service manual for the MP-9, which yours probably is if you live in the US.

He may be willing to answer questions about certain things in the manual.


Does this include BAtavus???


I'm going to need an extra 18 inches or so for my drive chain after I finish stretching my frame. No one seems to know or have the chain I'll need. I've heard that Batavus used a different sized link...wider or thicker, I'm not sure. Got any ideas?


Should, but check.

Reeperette /

As far as I know, most moped chain is 415 cause it's a very common size, and easy to get...but, that being said.

I would reccommend taking the sprocket off and carrying it to a local cycle shop, who could tell you for sure one way or the other.

As long as the size fits the sprocket, and it runs cleanly without rubbing or hitting anything, using a "heavier" chain isn't going to harm you any.


Re: Should, but check.

Sweet! This is the last part of the puzzle.

Thanks Ree.


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