Milling The Head To Get Higher Compression


I was wondering how do you mill a head that goes to a Tomos moped. And when milling it, what do you mill?... Are they talking about milling the piston head? Please help me. I did a search, and I couldnt find anything...


Re: Milling The Head To Get Higher Compression

Milling is removing material from the joint surface of the head to increase compression.

It has to be done by a machine shop that has a vertical mill or a special grinder for this purpose.

It's not something you just do without knowing wha the result will be. Too high a compression will cause all kinds of problems, the least being having to run premium gas..


Not a good idea.

Reeperette /

On a Tomos, the wear pattern actually mills the head a little all by itself, so if you keep running it and maintain it well, it'll have about the same effect.

If you mill it, then yer going to shorter yer cylinder life a bit, for a performance increase you would get over time anyway.

Having ridden Tomos 'peds for a long time, I reccommend just leaving that be.


Re: Not a good idea.

I work at a machine shop and iv milled the head on my puch. It makes a difference, but not as drastic of one that you would expect.

Trac Man

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