tomos problems again

okay, so i put everything back where it should be and i go to start it about four or five hours ago when i went work. and happy me, it started.

but when i come home iwant to tak it out. and so i go out to start it and i dont think the throttle works. like it doesn t die. it just starts out in the full throttle and i killed it and i think it s probably flooded now. but i don t know what the problem is. i thought maybe the fuel injection or the float could be whats bugging my mos...but i wanted to leave it to the professionals.

thanks again,


Re: tomos problems again

ItsLookingUp /

Check the throttle linkage. Make sure everything moves smoothly, at the carb and at the throttle. Is there any kinks in the cable?

Ah, simple...

Reeperette /

The throttle cable and the carb slide are placed wrong, I suspect.

The cable goes through the center of the spring, and hooks up to the slide that way.

Check the DelLorto carb diagrams at themopedjunkyards site, and see if that helps to figure out how it goes back together, cause it's kinda weird how it does.

That'll fix your problem, once ya figure it out.



thanks so much. it s drying out right now, but i fixed it and tomos is finally working. thanks for all the help

Re: yay!

InfectedBootSector /

Good job!

dammit started and it was working a little and now it s dead. i think i m just going to give in and call up shaun at myrons mopeds. i think he knows what he s doing.

Re: dammit

david f martin /

The shop I work at won't usually let customers into the work area to see what's going on with thier vehicle (gets on the mechanics nerves, and there's some insurance issues), but we do make exceptions... See if you can pick Shaun's brain.


cxable doesn't go through the spring

I figured that out when we worked on yours Ree ...

.. and I installed another Tomos throtle cable a few days ago .. the cable is in front of the spring.

On all Jap bikes it goes thru the spring .. not on the Tomos'

Re: cxable doesn't go through the spring

i wish tomos had fuel injection, like pgmfi or mpfi, that would be so sweet, even throttle body injection would be sweet.

Re: Ah, simple...

wait...the center? i put the carb slide on the bottom like the srping was bent onto the top of the slide. where do you put it in the middle?

Not on my Italian bike, either

I just mounted a new Dell'Orto carb on my Minarelli engine and the cable was outside the spring. It works just dandy.

Diagram ?

Reeperette /

\\ _ <---Cable

\\| |

| |\ <--Throttle slide

| |\ \ UU <--Spring

| | \\===

| | O <--Cable end bead.

| |


Ok, so it's a really terrible ASCII, but I hope it's close.

I pulled the top off of my spare carb, and the cable appears to feed through the back of the slide, rather than through the center of the spring, which it looks like it should, but it doesn't.

It's not easy to put together that way either, so be careful putting the top back together, you have to hold it in place when you put it back together.


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