Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

Rich if that is a running motor and it rebuilt already I will take it and problem solved . I have NOS pedals for it . call me 631-470-0068

Deezy I think you need a naked moped ride again to wake you up .I got the carb,,exhaust ,cables for the other one from motor west already and that one is perfect. This one is a different story it looks better in picture than it is . Dont make judgements untill you are in front of the moped and see the problems .

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

DEEZ I LOVE YOU ! Stick to your guns ,you are the spokes person for all the bastardized mopeds in the world crying out to be normal , WHY HAVE WE BEEN RUINED WHERE IS MY TRUE SELF LOST FOREVER IN THE COSMOS NEVER TO SEE THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL BLISS AGAIN

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

whats wrong with bastardized mopeds you seen mine and its not too bad a bit loud but not bad besides it will smoke most peds and i havent put any pighperformance parts into it yet

Re: Buy my 3 speed

will it work the same? if you put pedals on it, and you pedalled backwards, would it be able to hook up to the rear brakes the same way? I have wondered about that.

Re: Classics 101

hahaaa, it was a quote from Wari, when someone was asking how to bolt up some odd motor to a Moby. She likes those as much as I like Allstates.

i think i might of been the one she said that too im not sure i know there was a few that didnt like that i was putting a briggs and stratton on my moby and my friend was putting a tecumseh on his peugeot

ahhahaa me? a judge?? hahaa

I'm not judging you. I am responding to what you said. And yes I have 3 of them in front of my face. I'm just not afraid to get my hands dirty and do it the right way. I KNOW what they have inside, I've been there. Have you?

I'm just upset with your "quick fix solution" that's all. I have had to go through alot to get mine on the road. More than you ever will.

just because you can buy a bunch doesn't mean ya know anything about them, or really care what they really are for that matter. Go ahead, ruin it.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

I looked in your profile, and I see absolutely NOTHING in the way of any classics. So frankensteining what you have is actually cool.

Re: Classics 101

Maybe you need to change your name to rototillerjay, heheee.

Re: ahhahaa me? a judge?? hahaa


Re: ahhahaa me? a judge?? hahaa

people do it to cars why not do it to mopeds

people take a nice 28 model a and change the frame suspension and wheels chop it then drop in a chevy 350

so why not chop peds its all part of the fun

my chappy may not be a classic but its still a pretty rare bike and i chopped it and put a new chinese engine in it but i made it better than it was

Re: ahhahaa me? a judge?? hahaa

eye of the beholder.......

Re: Classics 101

that would be a good name on the gardening forum

Re: Classics 101

To hell with everyone here. Do what you want... A lot of people think that they have "classic" peds. In all reality, there are tons of most of kinds them.

If it doesn't work, fix it! don't let it rust away.

Btw, I was the one trying to get help putting a puch motor on a moby, so whatever. I'm just doing it on my own. If I was in your position, and couldn't get a motor, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Re: Classics 101

99 percent of everyone on here puts kits,pipes,ebr forks,powdercoats non stock colors,racing tires,cafe racer bars,and so on , on classics. I was on a rally last month in CA and saw a allstate with a tomos motor on it and almost every moped was kitted and changed .

Re: Classics 101

Well then you have a tomos with a cool frame. so what. I'm not as upset as I was when I first saw this post. I think you'll have a harder time getting it all to work with a different motor, than you would with finding a rebuildable allstate motor. (like bry thinks, I do as well. I think that motor is salvageable.) And NO, ya don't see kitted allstates all over the place. Allstates are classics, plain and simple. Someday a few of you guys will realize that.

Are you sure that was a Puch? because Tomos made a moped almost identical to it back then.

-And thanks eric. you are so smart, I'd love to here YOUR definition of a classic moped. hahaaaa. some people's kids! hehheeee

Re: Classics 101

But,,you could kit one if you wanted to

60cc kit

Top racing crank

Re: Classics 101

Whatever. Do it. It's your bike, fuck a bunch of elitists.


Re: Classics 101

Should I kit this one LOL


Re: Classics 101

Something tells me your plastic silverware is running low.... hehheee

Re: Classics 101


Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

of course its your ped and you can do what ever you want with it

your stats for what percentage of people kit things here is exagerrated.

i think its great fun for those that do kit a puch or any other more common ped.

certain mopeds are considered classics and collectable and this happens to be one of them.

if your intent was to kit it in the first place, do it.

if it was your intent to restore it, then send the motor to motorwest. pick up the rest of the parts you need off of that ebay auction you've been bidding on (tank). i bet you could even pay deezy to fix it for you.

why you would to kit this, eludes me, when there are plenty of other peds to do that to. and then you could sell this nonkitted classic bike for a pretty penny to someone who appreciates it as is.

but if you do kit it, although we may mourn its loss to the moped world, we will live with it.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

It was a joke I wouldent kit it . LOL

Stop being so serious this is supposed to be fun .

To some people a maxi is a classic

To some people a jawa is a classic .

Who decides (The person who ownes it }

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

dude, 2006 streetmate, new jersey owned, fuckin biturbo , with the fenders removed?

Now THATS classic

do farkin 60 mph all day.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

Couldn't help but chime in here . The Allstate has the rear brake linked to the pedals as in pedal backwards to apply so you need to rig rear brakes . Also , it runs a manual shifter /clutch. Take away these unique features and you have your basic twist and go moped .

Basically, you would be just modifying "A frame" for an automatic setup . In the end it would probably work ,as anything can be done mechanically ,but you would be taking all the fun out of riding something 50 years old ,which is why you bought it in the first place , right??

I just checked Ebay and saw just the engine shroud cover for $75 , pretty steep.Imagine what the whole bike is worth!! Once you cut and weld to that frame it will be worth much less as a whole . If the mod doesn't go as planned as it usually doesn't - as in your drive train dimensions are off and you have to shim some spacers to fix the chain/sprocket grinding or the gearing is way off and you can't regear to a reasonable /usable speed than your project bike begins to lose it's original appeal and simplicity . At this point the scenario of 95% of most people would be to abandon this reinvention of their bike right away and try to get rid of it or spend way too much time and money to correct an engineering error .It will be sold as an unfinished project bike with no hope of it ever running . Now ,it's only going to be sold for the virgin usable parts as the frame was moddded , drilled, welded ,whatever. The elusive buyer will never agree to pay what YOU think it's worth because they don't see the same vision and potential you do and they don't know what else was done to it . I see this all the time to Kitcars , Hotrods and custom motorcycles . Usually the welding and construction is completely awful . I'm guilty of this too and screwed up my share of motorcycles .You never will get out ,what you put in ,and it always spirals out of re-engineering control. Neat idea and it's VERY tempting to do so but in my opinion save yourself the time and money. Ask anyone who ever built a motorized bike , scooter or gocart and tried to sell it , they end up giving it away or parting it out - Bottom line - sell it now for what it's worth "Un-Modified " and find a runner you can enjoy right away maybe even a complete running Allstste . It always turns out to be much more economical and reliable . It can be done ,and I love seeing cool ideas and something diferent , I'm just saying most people don't have the right tools and skills to see a mod all the way through to rideable completion . There's always something in the way and that's usually the wallet !! But in this case I wouldn't do it - it's worth too much as a original . If you really want to do a bike ,I suggest a 80-100 cc monoshock dirtbike frame lightened and modded for a ped engine , front and rear disks monoshock , it's all there - hmmm kinda sounds /looks like a MadAss !! Sorry for the ramble but it's my 2 cents .

Allstate -tomos conversion

So, you selling that blown motor?

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

hey Harry

Is that your running bike in that pic or the one in question ?? I believe you spoke of just having an Allstate needing an engine , you didn't mention having two .Neat looking , Got a blue one just like it , unstuck the piston but haven't had time to go further yet .

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

it's called an Alltomos and Shaw's done it. I couldn't be bothered to read the rest of this thread.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

harry you go ahead and stick that tomos engine on there...its not like you can never take it off. might as well ride the damn thing while youre dealing with the original engine. least you ain't parting out the allstate like most people would...or taking it to junkyard to flat out trash.

thanks for all the marvelous parts you've provided me with...ranging from jawas to puchs and indians! hope the allstate works out one way or another.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

new jersey rules.

Re: Allstate -tomos conversion

Putting a Tomos motor on an Allstate would be like taking the smallblock out of a classic Chevy. just my opinion.

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