anyone in pa?

I have been getting old or used mopeds and fixing them up for the last year. My latest edevor is moped racing. This is a verry popular form of racing over in England. Kinda like yamaha ysr racing in the states. Is there any moped clubs in North or southern Pennsylvania who knows of a go-kart track or any similar circut to race on. Also I want to be a member of a moped club and the moped army they said I need to join a local chapter.Are there any clubs ut there? or a club that wants to start a racing series?

Re: anyone in pa?

I remember seeing a decent dirt track in Schuylkill County, I think. Possibly Rt. 443. That probably doesn't help you much, but maybe you can call Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and they might know how to contact the dirt track owner.

Re: anyone in pa?

I'm in Pittsburgh. I don't have a moped but I might be interested in getting one...

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