Something fun to do

If you have a really fast moped, and are good at riding it, I've got an idea for you. There are velodromes all over the country, with people training all the time.... See if you can motor-pace for them.

It's the steeply-angled bicycle track, like in the Olympics. You get up to speed, and they draft off of you, for training. You have to be able to get going pretty fast, and hold it for a while.

My brother was asking me to do it for him, whenever I visit, but it's a little far to haul the moped (10 hours, and I never leave the state). If anybody is in the Houston/Katy area, I can put you in contact with him.

Mopeds, and small motorcycles are good for this, because of the size, and the ability to keep at a constant speed. The other things they look for is low exhaust, so they don't sit there breathing your fumes while riding.

If there is a track like this around you, see if they will let you "help them out"

New Velodrome here

Actually ... thats interesting .. because they just opened a new velodrome over here in Rochester Hills MI.

(bout 15 miles from me)

Thats a place I would go to anyway .. just to watch the bicycles and how they do all that ... and check out a track like that.

Re: Something fun to do

yeah, you need a fast moped so the bicycles don't pass your slow machine!

30 on a racing bike with a conditioned rider is slow...!

Re: Something fun to do

That's the other reason I've been avoiding my brother on that. He's one category below pro, and I don't want to embarras myself too bad. They have one guy who paces them on his Goldwing.

They can get up past 40, on a fixed gear bike, with no brakes, and no freewheel. They have to use old strap and clip pedals, because the modern clipless ones arn't strong enough.

Pat, for a while, was racing tandems. With two people, you can get up way past 50. He wrecked a while ago, too, road rash on a WOOD track. Can you say splinters?

Plus it is fun to watch. Sometimes you can use (or rent) a loaner bike, and try it yourself.

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