Who's nerdy enough ...

... to ride with a milk crate strapped on the back of their bike ?

... Well I am here to admit that I am .. (on my PA)

There ... my dirty little secret is out in the open for all to see .. I am so ashamed.

.. NOT ! ... a milk crate is a great way to carry things on a ped.

Add a few bungee cords or a cargo net and you can really haul the freight.

I am searching for a black one or a yellow one to strap on the back of the FA50.

... so does that make me the nerdiest one here ?

<img src=" http://www.edinburg.k12.nd.us/images/Jamie%20as%20a%20nerd.JPG"> ;

Re: Who's nerdy enough ...

lol i thought that was you at first...alls i saw was the face

Re: Who's nerdy enough ...

I ride with a crate on the back of my ped, but that is only when I am carrying many things. Since I dont have a storage spot anymore, I usually wear pants with many pockets in them. But when I go and carry fragile things, or things that I cannot hold in my pocket, that is when I strap on the crate.


You Don't Know Nerdy, Fred....

I have BASKETS on my moped --- you know, the metal ones that hang down on either side of the rear tire like those I had on the 3-speed Raleigh bicycle I used to deliver the morning newspapers in Connecticut about 35 years ago. They're absolutely TEE-rific for carrying groceries, my gym bag, et al. I even had a can of paint in there last week. Sometimes, I bungee a cushion onto the top of the rear rack, and my daughter sits back there and rests her legs in the baskets. (Yep, I know it's illegal in Michigan --- but the police don't bother us, especially during the Woodward Dream Cruise.)

Just the other day, the top cross-bar on the baskets broke. I'm rigging a repair but, in the meantime, I have TEMPORARILY attached a gray milk crate with bungee cords. It is neither as useful or nerdy as the baskets, but sometimes we just gotta cope with what life tosses at us.

Re: You Don't Know Nerdy, Fred....

I'll have to take a good look at the seat on my autopower to see if I can rig up something at least a tacky, that way when I go have coffee with the other geezers in the afternoon I can bring home some milk and pretend I'm being practical. And who cares if I look like a nerd....Ken D

Hey, if it works...

Reeperette /

I'll use a milk crate, cargo pod, wire basket, saddlebags, you-name-it...cause I prefer to cart a lotta stuff with me, and do grocery runs and stuff....in fact my milk crate, currently fulla tools, is only about 8 feet behind me.

You wanna talk nerd-factor, imagine a Tomos Golden Bullet riding up the margin of MD Rte 2 with full saddlebags AND half-a-dozen full plastic grocery bags slung from the handlebars.

It's amazing how much a moped can carry, if you really need it to.


Re: Hey, if it works...

chuck russo va /

i ahve 2 swiss bread bags on mine

Re: Hey, if it works...

david f martin /

I have a Coca Cola crate on the back of mine. It's a few inches wider than a milk crate, but only about 4 inches deep. I reinforced the bottom with a piece of plywood and have it securely bolted to the bike. I think it looks pretty cool.

I'd like something a bit bigger, though. Sometimes I pick up lunch for the guys at work, and this crate is slightly smaller than a small pizza box...

Maybe a crate from a bakery truck might do.


Re: Who's nerdy enough ...

Ron Brown /


Someone gave me a "mini" milk crate. I think it is for kids toys. Happens to be pink, don't ask! But I have it on the back of my ped for round town hauling.


Re: Who's nerdy enough ...

i think milk crates are great, not only on the ped but most any where else. a couple of crates and two boards, and you don't even need real furniture!...

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