bottle gastank

i had rust in my tank that would clog the carb and make the engine run crappy, so instead of rebuilding the carb every 3 days, i just hooked up a mountain dew bottle till i can offord the get the tank cleared. I put a pic of the setup.


Re: bottle gastank

u should of just put in a big inline fuel filter off a riding mower. THats what i did for my puch, works great

Trac Man

Boat gas tank

That made me think .. what if I took that 6 gallon boat gas tank .. (that straps nicely on the back of either one of my mopeds) .. and plumbed the fuel line into my moped .. ?

I would have over 6 gallons of gas capacity ... I could ride over 840 miles without stopping for gas on my PA.

orrr .. 28 straight hours of riding at 30mph

... oh my aching butt ...

Re: bottle gastank

do the dew

Re: bottle gastank

u wouldnt beleive how many comments i got on it asking if it ran off mountain dew

Re: bottle gastank

Ron Brown /


Ther are lots of posts on here about gas tank cleaning. If you can't find them with a search, repost.


Re: bottle gastank

its not a matter of cleaning the tank its a matter of paying for cleaner. i literally only have enough money to get me to work and back for 4-5 days. $1.68 damn im rich

Re: bottle gastank

InfectedBootSector /

Been there man....

I feel yer pain....

thats elite

peashooter /

That is the coolest thing i have ever seen, you should keep it. Or better yet, get a big beer bottle LOL!


Reeperette /

That gives new meaning to the words "Hoistin a 40" pea....


Re: Hahaah

david f martin /

Would "open container" laws apply?


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