PA50 hell!

The PA50II 78' that I have is giving me real problems. I had it running really good but still wasn't very fast so I decided to clean the carb agian. When I did that, somehow the decompression valve got bent, I must have set the frame down on top of it or something. So I got a new valve from Honda and now that I've put the bike back together, the stupid thing won't even start. It is really hard to describe exactly what the problem is but I shall try. When I try to kick start it nothing happens, but when I roll start it, it seems like it is running for a second but when you try to give it gas it just dies. I have checked the plug and am getting a big fat spark, and its got lots of gas, so I don't know what the problem. Also, it makes no difference wether the ignition switch is on or off, it does the same thing either way. Fred or David, you guys have helped me a lot and I would love some advice.

Re: PA50 hell!

david f martin /

Well, it either has to be the compression valve or the carb, since that's what you've messed with since it was running.

Running for just a second when you push start it suggests to me a carb problem. How does your throttle handle feel?

I'd probably take the carb apart again, and make sure everything is there and moving properly.


Re: PA50 hell!

How can it get spark with the ignition switch either on or off ?

Oh well .. as long as its getting spark.

I think you need to do a compression test .. you can go to an autoparts store and rent a compression guage for about $5.

(or buy one)

Do the comp test with the throttle open.

That will tell you whether the decomp valve is working or messed up.

The motor isn't going to fire if its leaking compression out.

If the comp is good enough to run (100 psi or above) .. then spray starting fluid into the motor and see if it runs... if it does you aren't getting gas into the motor.

Then you have a carb or petcock prob.

I push start mine .. I never liked that pedal system.

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