suzuki 50cc quad runner question

Casey Jones /

i know its not moped related, but it is 50cc related. Im working on this 1985 suzuki 50 childrens quadrunner 4wheeler. It had some carb problems, and the guy told me he had been premixing the gas also he hasnt gotten it running and it appears to have been sitting for a few years...

but after i take the seat off i find an oil resivior with 2stroke oil... i think the guy has no clue to what hes doing. It had so much crap in the carb ( i think due to that) so i cleaned and then sprayed some carb cleaner in the intake and i got it to run for about 30 seconds. It ran nice and clean... i fixed the throttle slide to work correctly, and now for some reason i get no spark. Im getting ready to tear the coil off and test everything from it to the wires, but does anyone have any ideas. The bike has 2 kill switches, one on handlebars, and the other that straps to you. Handlebar one is broken, but i wired direct. I did this before it ran. I put straight gas in the tank, but this wont have any effect until i get spark. Have tried 3 different plugs, the original and working ones from my other moped that are equal in charateristics. The bike is a pull cord starter, with clutch... so i cant push start it. Its starting to be a pain in the ass. Anyone have any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.

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