Tomos Moped Rims

How do you take the tube, and tread(tire) off without ruining the Tomos rims?... The rim keeps getting the paint scrapped off everytime I try to take it off with a flathead screw driver. I know that I am not supposed to use that, but I dont know that else I should use instead?... Please help me

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chuck russo va /

tire irons

Re: Tomos Moped Rims

chuck russo va /

tire changing levers

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david f martin /

Wrap your screwdrivers with electrical or masking tape. Make sure you have all of the air out of the tube, so both sides of the tire on the opposite side of the rim are on the lowest part of the rim.


Re: Tomos Moped Rims

Reeperette /

Mid-level (not the x-heavy) cycle "Tire spoons".

Go to your local cycle shop and ask, they're well worth the money and also DAMN handy in getting the flywheel off if you lack a puller.

And if you wanna try somethin interesting ?

Go to Walmart and buy a No-Mor-Flats Model 20B8 Solid-style tube, I know it says 20x2.125 but that's measured different, and it'll fit a Tomos.

It's an inexpensive investment, and works, actually...quite well.


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