Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info

Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info

Got a seized piston (just bought) unsiezed can I run like this also no key any hints can it start if I jump key wires so that blinkers work??

RE: Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info

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Sorry no one answered you yet, I'm surprised. However, you included enough information this time that maybe I can help. If I am wrong, someone will correct me I'm sure.

If your ignition switch has three wires and connecting two of them allows the turn signal to work then you obviously have a battery and yes, these two wires should be connected. Unless you have a separate kill switch, the third wire is probably a ground to kill the ignition system and should just be disconnected from the switch.

If you do have a kill switch then the third wire may get connected to the other two.

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RE: Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info

could anyone send me the instruktionsbook, for a honda melody....i have byeed an old one and will love to make it go...thanks

RE: Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info


I've just done the same thing. A tenner mine cost me. Did you have any luck with the workshop manual.

RE: Honda Melody 50 cc (Tact) any info

Just bought a Tact for the wife for Christmas. No battery. Broke my foot kick starting it, but when it runs it is nice. Just need to get a battery, fix the gas leak, keep the plug from fouling, etc...

I think I have a line on a manual, it is in Japanese. I have some one that can translate if I could ever get the manual. If I get the copy and have it translated, I will post it for everyone.

If some one has any info on the battery, I would like to get one, but the Honda parts people here in the states are less that helpful. Any help (model numbers size, amps) anything would be wonderful.

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