new addition

I finally found annother moped. A 1996 kinetic. Much more modren type ped, than my sachs.... Now, to clean it up and get it running.

Are these closer to vespas or hondas parts-wise?

Well, time to search, search, search....

Got it for $150 but it has no title. tank is messy but solid, thank god for fuel filters.

Actually sounds pretty good, lights light up while I was cranking on it, but no start.

Re: new addition

Reeperette /

It's a knock-off of the Vespa Ciao design.


Re: new addition

Your in the High Style catagory now. Watch out for the girls!

Re: new addition

Yup. that variator just gets em going tell you what..

She told me it's like walking with a puppy "Awww, that's cute, what's it's name"

Well, it looks like I finaly have a way to use those monte carlo SI parts. Maybe......

The wheels would look good- going for that square 80's look.

Re: new addition

and remember, if you're an old man like me....16 will get you 20!

Also, if you are able to pick any good looking older chicks with your moped, marry them on the spot. If they are impressed by a moped, you've really got a "keeper" there.

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