90 HP moped

Yep... that's what he told me.. I rode to the store last night.. and some 60 yr old looking guy looked at me like I was an alien as I pulled up.

... And he said.. "What the heck is that?.. Ohhhh !.. a moped"

... as I parked it.

.. "yeah I got one of those... it's just like that... only its not a Honda.. it's made in France"

.. Oh, I said.... Motobecane?.

.. "No"


..."No...it's just like that.. only it's not a Honda... it's got 90 HP".

... How many?..

.. "It's got 90 HP".

... You mean 9 HP ?.

.. "No..90"

... It can't be 90.. I've got full size motorcycles that don't have 90 HP

..."It's a 90 HP moped !"

....... Oh !...uhhh....OK... see ya later.

Those French mopeds are something else... I guess.

RE: 90 HP moped

Ron Brown /


"They" built the Concord didn't they? Pity they used Firestone tires.


RE: 90 HP moped

90 HP on a moped? I don't think so. The same type of Honda I have (SS50) with a 153cc bigbore kit (max. available, 59mm bore with a 56mm stroke crank) will produce about 16 - 18 HP. His ped's probably a 2-stroke (an SS50 is a 4-stroke) so he's got 30% more power, that makes 23.4 HP. Than maybe he could find a supercharger (there's one available for my ped manufactured by Takegawa, costs $1200) wich will add about 80% power, that makes 42 HP. So it's possible to get a moped up to 40 HP, but it'll cost about $2000 in parts. Lets just say he really did install $2000 in high performance parts, he'll need a bit more than 300 cc's to produce 90HP and there is NO WAY in the world anyone can fit a 300 cc kit onto any kind of moped engine, they're simply too small for it.

I have by the way only once seen a Honda 4-stroke (It was a Dax ST50) with a supercharger on it, those things are incredibly expensive and incredibly hard to get and I have never heard of a supercharger for any other brand of moped.

By the way, I can't think of another French moped brand besides Motobecane and Peugot.

You know what? I think the old guy meant he had a moped with 90cc, not 90 Hp.

RE: 90 HP moped

90hp on a moped I dont think so! I have a 900cc triumph and it only produces 108 hp! it has 3 cylinders and can do 10.78 in the 1/4 mile. So i REALLY dont think a moped is gonna do 90hp. Maybe if you droped it out of an airplane but thats a diferent story

RE: 90 HP moped

Ivo.... I think you took that a little too seriously.

We all KNOW it doesn't have 90 HP.

The old guy is just not very smart.

What I think..is it has an ID tag that says...(.90) HP... (less than one)

and he just misread it.

The whole point of my post was how "odd" people can be.

It was supposed to be taken as humorous.

RE: 90 HP moped

Yeah, I know, sometimes I'm too serious.

RE: 90 HP moped

I read about a supercharger by takegawa for 1200$. Us dollars or Dutch Guilders?

Cause I really really want one on my ZB50

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