Is it easy to ride a moped?

Is riding a moped like riding a normal bicycle?

Re: Is it easy to ride a moped?

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Yes, if you can ride a bicycle you can learn to ride a moped. The pedals are only needed to start the moped engine. Some mopeds need to be pedaled a few revolutions if taking off from a dead stop. The throttle controls the speed.

Re: Is it easy to ride a moped?

Yes and No

Yes it is similar in form and how you balance and turn, however it has about 15-20 lbs under the bike that is the engine so you have to get used to the extra weight. The engines are mounted with a low center of gravity so they don't present that much of a learning curve on balnacing

The most noticeable difference is POWER. It seems like a bike with a mind of it's own on your first ride. You have to get used to using the throttle to accelerate Slowly and most of all you have to remember to back off or let go of the throttle if you want to stop. New riders sometimes panic when they need to stop and unconsciously grip the throttle so much they accelerate rather than slow down.

I would suggest you use a big (no traffic) parking lot and set on the bike with your feet on the ground and slowly turn the throttle to you get going and then lift your feet and pout them on the pedals. Have the pedals parallel or levle with . Just go fast enough to keep your self balanced and then gently start using the brake levers on the handle bars. Normally the left one first (the rear brake) or both at together (left and right, rear and front).

Ride around in slow circles to practice your turning and braking. It shouldn't take but a few circles or a few minutes to get the hang of it.

Most of all when before you start put on a helmet, even if it is a bike helmet and make sure it fits and the straps are fastened.

Take it easy until your brain's database realizes it is a moped, not a bicycle

good luck

Re: Is it easy to ride a moped?

yes and feels kinda like a bike, but bigger..and 2 turn u dont turn the handle bars, u on a motorcycyle..but there easy to ride.

Re: Is it easy to ride a moped?

Everything the first three said is true, and there is a strange thing that happens with all motorcycles called counter steering. When you get comfortable riding around in the parking lot, try it. As you go in a straight line, push gently on the left handlebar, you will turn left, then do the same thing on the right. It sounds odd, but it is the only comfortable way to steer a motorized bike. After that you'll find it's as easy as walking and chewing gum at the same time...Ken D

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