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Hello. I have a fork lock in my 1977 Puch Maxi-S but no key. Does anybody know how I could get a replacement? I don't know if this is even possible... but worth a shot.

Or can I buy a new fork lock? Although I'm not sure how I'd get it on there, or the old one off for that matter.

Anybody have experience with this?

Thanks in advance,


Re: fork lock

You can proably take it to a locksmith or buy one from a dealer off the Internet. I would recommend you save your money and buy a strong bicycle type chain or cable lock and lock your ped to something strong.

You Puch only weighs about 100 lbs so it would be easy to pick it up even with the forked locked and put in a back of a truck or car trunk and drive away.

Chain it down.

Re: fork lock

Yes, I definitely agree that I need a better lock than just the fork-lock... I actually am in the habit of using two locks, a strong U-lock and a good cable lock, because I am paranoid of somebody carrying it away (had two mopeds stolen a few weeks ago).

I just thought it would be kind of cool to use the original fork-lock as well... if it's not too much to get a key made, it might be worth it as added protection, and just for the nostalgia of it so to speak.


Re: fork lock

u probly cant get a key u will have 2 buy a new one...theres a puch one at

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