pinto piston rings

i have a 77-78 JC Penny pinto moped and one of the piston rings cracked. does anyone know the bore size and height of the piston ring or where i can buy one so i can running again?

Re: pinto piston rings

Use the "Search" feature in the grey bar above this post.

Type "Pinto" and you'll see what common moped uses the same parts.


Re: pinto piston rings

Its a Puch engine ,so ring can be bought many places .Mopedwarehouse, Ikes, Etc. Dan

Re: pinto piston rings Has them. Its a 50cc Puch engine and they have many parts for them there.

Re: pinto piston rings


Your Pinto has a Puch motor. If you can tell me the number on the top of the piston, i probably have rings for it?


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