tomos Moped?????????

the definition of MOPED is MO=motor and PED=peddles MOPED

how come the tomos mopeds dont have peddles but are they are called moped, dont make sence to me

help me out here???

Re: tomos Moped?????????

it mite be like that in ur state but in new jersey u HAVE to have pedals on anything that is considered a moped. so maybe this helps....? i would rather have the pegs tho....they look kewl.


Re: tomos Moped?????????

Northking /

yeah, i wish we didnt have to have pedals in NJ....pain in the ass in my opinion and they make em' look rather puny imo...oh well, still a blast to ride. Jon, u wouldnt happen to live in cherryhill would u?

Re: tomos Moped?????????

My tomos LX 2001 has pedals.

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