turn signals

i was wondering if anyone has ever made clear turn signals like the lens on them is a yellow orange and i was wondering if there was anyway to take the color off?

Re: turn signals

ItsLookingUp /

There is no way to take the color out of plastic turn signal lenses. Further, if you don't have amber colored turn signal lenses, it's better to have no turn signals. Most states would consider clear lenses to be defective equipment and may issue a warning or citation.

Re: turn signals

InfectedBootSector /

Clear lenses, as stated before, are pointless.

The yellow/orange is there to draw atention and is known as the "caution" color. It screams, "HEy! Pay Attention!"

I don't know why all those boy racers are using clear tail and turnsignal lenses. THey look like crap anyway and are generally low quality, brittle plastics.

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