Would you get a moped with street parking only??

I just signed a lease on a new apartment that doesn't have garage parking. I've been desperately trying to get rid of my car to buy a Honda Metropolitan. I'm just a little concerned about putting down $1700 for a 150lb moped in a not so great neighborhood. Anyone have any experience with street parking a moped regularly?? I know about all the U-Locks and Kryptonite cables etc., but I just don't think that even with that I could keep the thing for more then a couple of months. Any ideas??

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

david f martin /

What kind of apartment is it? If it's ground-level, and you have your own entrance, keep it inside.


Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

no way id never do that for 2 reasons

1.It will get stolen

2.If its not stolen it can get rained on people could fuck with it and if you live near the beach like i do it will get rusted

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

Kevin Harrell /

Sell your car. Buy a cheep van. Park the van, tear the rear seats out of the van, get a board to use as a ramp to get the moped in the back of the van. You would then have your own personal moped garage.

It might be better to get a van with no windows so that nobody knows that there is a moped in the van to be stolen.

Well at least it is an idea.

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

my brother had this nice vintage vespa, and one night these kids decided to steal it, take it joyriding, and set it on fire. I would suggest you not.

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

its not enough that mopeds and scooters get stolen, but i dont understand their final fate is one to be set on fire... must be some kind of anti fuel efficiency ritual.

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

david f martin /

Nope, the answer is much simpler than that. Moped thieves are stupid assholes.


Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

I live on the ground floor, but to get to my aparment I would need to bring it up a flight of outside stairs. The manager doesn't seem too keen on this. I guess I could pay for parking somewhere nearby...

NO !!

Reeperette /

That bein said...if you must....

Elevator cable, wrapped in weatherproof plastic, backed up by a serious pin-across lock, AND a kryptonite U-lock thru the rear wheel, a tracking device and a Charge 1K zapper on a Gel-cel battery.

Add to that a set of motion-activated extremely high power lights pointed right at it with a "Screamer" bulb, and a shotgun loaded with rocksalt and you might, MIGHT, just keep it more than a month.

Start saving your pennies too, to pay for the slashed tires, ripped up seat, torn off wiring, kicked-out spokes, and probably fire damage as well.

Sound like a good investment ?

Didn't think so.

Unless you can find someone local who'll garage it for you, I would advise against it, I've been that route and it's an unprofitable hassle.


Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

It's not only scooter and mopeds that get this treatment, I know of somebody who had their 360 (subaru) taken on a joyride then burned, I was just about to ask the same thing--why do people have to burn machines after they steal them? can't they just park it where they got it from and hope the owner doesn't notice the extra miles? or what about throw it into a lake or a river or something. Of course this just proves one thing: people who steal vehicles for "joyrides" are idiots.

I mean really what's the point of buring it, you can't go back steal it again and go on another joyride, you can't keep it for yourself, and you've just insured that if the owner ever finds out who did it they're going to come after you with a shotgun.

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

It's a rough call. I moved to Chicago recently and I'm lucky enough to have a section on the side of the house where I can fit 2-3 mopeds - and housemate/landlord that don't mind.

I see lots of people parking scooters on the streets without much trouble, though I guess I wouldn't be able to tell how much the people <b>not</b> parking scooters have had.

Do you have a front porch? If so, you might be able to find a way to securely lock it to the porch supports. I have mine locked to a small tree right now; not ideal, but it works.

I would suggest getting an older style moped that isn't such an investment. That way if the security does fail you're not out as much.


Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

well...i live in a suburb in sydney australia, that some may consider a little dubious.

i don't have garaging, i have my scoopy (metropolitan), chained to my front fence.

i always make sure i lock the steering & stand & close the shutter that covers the ignition.

thats pretty much all you can do.

touch wood...so far, so good.

however, as you need a motorcycle licence (even for a 50cc) & need to have your scooter registered, insured etc (same as with any motor vehicle), this probably deters kids form stealing it.

also, i think 50cc scooters are still seen as a bit of a joke here, i'd be more concerned about theft if i had something ranging form a 125cc upwards.

good luck with the metropolitan...you won't regret it.

Thats a mistake.

See now ... you are getting ready to make a mistake.

Buying a brand new toy.. and leaving it outdoors unprotected in a bad neighborhood ?

Thats a mistake ... that thing will be like a target with a bullseye on it.

If they can't steal the nice toy to play with for themselves .. they will be jealous and smash it all up so you can't enjoy it.

The way to do it ?

(this is from an article in a motorcycle magazine years ago about security).

Get an UGLY bike .. an old bike ... a hacked up messed up (looking) bike .. and don't cover it with a nice cover .. cover it with a crappy looking cover that makes it look like more junk.

It can be a good running bike .. but it better not look nice.

This plan was from a guy who lived in NY city ... this was the only way he could get people to leave his motorcycles alone.

Nice bikes would either be stolen or smashed.

You'll be sorry if you buy a new Metro.

Re: Would you get a moped with street parking only

InfectedBootSector /

Ah man.. not a 360.... what a shame! They are awesome! One of the only 2 stroke cars ever made.

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