tomos question

i have a tomos targa 96 and when i re3v it up just a ,little in first gear it clanks like hell and when i get any where past 30 mph in seecond gear the thing cuts out is it govenor or just what s up any help is appreciated

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RE: tomos question

it clanks cause the tranny oil is old. happened to mine, so i changed the oil and fixed it. and the cutting out thing i dont know cause u didnt explain it. does it cut out like totaly no more engine noise or just sounds stange and dosent give any power?

RE: tomos question

Reeperette /

It 'cuts out' when one has surpassed maximum safe revs to avoid transmission damage, and also because at that point, say full-throttle on a long downhill...if it did engage the trans it would actually slow you down.

As for the noise, not only would I replace the trans fluid, I would take the trans apart and see if there are any metal fragments in's a pain in the arse, true - but may save you buying a new trans in the future, especially if there are bits of metal or a busted part to worry about.


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