Suzuki FA50 performance work

I have been thinking recently of building an expansion chamber and porting the living daylights out of my FA50 Suzuki, with the thought of going mini-motocrossing. I was also thought of knobby tires, full suspension rebuild by Race Tech, and number plates to match. If anyone else has any other ideas to forward my research in Suzuki moped performance, respond.

Re: Suzuki FA50 performance work

Dude ... its not worth it .... at all ... the 'suspension' is pretty much worthlesss for off road stuff ... and RaceTech only does suspensions for 'real' bikes .. they won't have anything for an FA.

(unless you bolt on forks from a 'real' dirt bike) .. then the frame will be too weak .. there is no such thing as a 'step-thru' dirt bike .. the type of frame is too weak .. it needs a backbone.

Plus ... you have the single sided 'swing-arm' ... land hard from one jump and the rear axle is going to fold right over.

Doing a pipe and building the motor (a little) is OK ... but no matter what you do with it .. it will probably need the gearing changed to suit what the new motor set-up is ... and there you are stuck .. you can't really change the gearing on it because of that single speed gear case .. can you ?

So any radical motor changes might make the bike useless .. (radical porting will make it too 'peaky' and it won't pull off the bottom)

If you realy want to ride off-road .. then get a bike made for off-road .. (like an older YZ80 or something).

I am planning fairly minor porting and a pipe for my FA now .. but you have to be careful (with the porting) or the cylinder will become a piece of scrap metal.

If I can't change the gearing my mods might not be a good idea either ... kuzz you'd have to ride around at 8000rpm everywhere .. (I am trying to find out if the diff years had diff gearing)

Try the pipe first .. because you can change right back if you don't like it .. if you change the pipe .. make sure you do plug chops to prevent a seizure.

Re: Suzuki FA50 performance work

Nick Bugliari /

Thanks Fred, I currently race a 2001 Suzuki RM125. I just needed a hi-po pitbike. Thanks for the good advice, and I should probably check availability on an extra cylinder (just in case). As for the suspension, screw it. The bike is primarily raced against other friends on my grass track. I will try to make it go as fast as possible, to waste my other friends FA's. I'm working on a fatty pipe currently to boost low-end.

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