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I have to drive my moped on a main road that is separated by a grass divider in order to drive to my local DMV and the license place. As you know it is illegal, i am in a dilima because when it is on it's side in my car, it floods, therefore i can get it indpected or drive it to get my license, so driving it is my only choice. Does anyone have any ideas? Your help will be very much appreciated. Wyatt

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david f martin /

I don't know about your state, but here in SC, it is illegal to drive a moped on the Interstate highways. Other highways, it's ok.

I drive back and forth on a six-lane, grass divided, 50mph highway to work every day.


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Reeperette /

I had a similar dilemma at one least in gettin to DMV...I snuck up on it and hid the bike nearby, got my sticker and slapped it on in a drugstore parkin lot (at which point it was legal) and rode off, heh.

Woulda sucked getting a ticket on the way there, but I mighta been able to talk my way out of it being that I was going to go GET it licensed.

If the highway is 55mph, and does not specifically state on the Onramp itself that vehicles under certain CC ratin are forbidden, you should be good to go, and most highways of that nature have a nice, wide margin you can ride on instead of trying to use a lane and getting creamed.

Most "restricted" highways state so right on the onramp, interstates in particular, but most local highways are fair game.

If you MUST carry it in the car, buy a small 1-1/2 gallon gascan, and drain the bikes tank into it, and put that in the trunk (make sure to drain main AND reserve!) and then no leakage worries, and if need be you can fill her back up when you get to your destination.

Pretty simple solution to a complex dilemma, right-O ?


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