I have a few questions on performance

1. Is no muffler better than a muffler in terms of performance? 2. Drilling holes in the box that the airfilter is incased in would that increse performance if the carburetor was calibrated to let in enough gas to compensate for more air? 3.When my moped gets to its top speed it starts to make a differnternt noise than it did inj lower speeds, coudl this mean its takin four strokes insted of two? If so to fix this do i ajust the idle screw and jet sizes? 4. Last of all is a performance muffler really worth it if u already have an aftermarket muffler with low back pressure? ANy help on any of these questions is greatly appreciated thank you.


Some peds just have just "mufflers"

Some have tuned pipes with mufflers.

Tuned pipes make more power and rev higher.

A tuned pipe looks like a snake that has swallowed a rat.

If yours just has a muffler only then it might go faster if you just take it off.

But it will be loud as hell.. and you better NOT ride it past my house 20 times a day.

It makes me get cranky

A less restrictive intake MIGHT allow a motor to rev higher.. but you might lose low end acceleration... and you will probably need a bigger jet.

A 2 stroke that starts "4 stroking" at top end will go from a smooth higher pitched sound to a 'not as smooth' lower pitched sound... some people say it sounds like it is "blubbering".

If your Kinetic will go between 30 and 35 mph then I highly doubt it is 4 stroking.. in fact I'd say it is running pretty good.

If you really want more get a Bi-Turbo or other tuned pipe... you might gain 5 mph...you might lose some low end.

No matter what you do.... before you modify it run the bike hard and remove the spark plug and look for the ceramic color..then when you start modifying it keep checkin the plug color.. if it starts getting whiter you are in danger of a seizure and need a bigger main jet.

moddifications (keyword for search..misspelled on purpose)

RE: Moddifications

thanks man /

yea ive had the muffler off of my ped before, because it originally didn't have

one from the kid i got it from. So right now i have a piece of copper tubing going from the cylinder to a lawnmower replacement muffelr, do u thnk this si helping my speed any? Also it makes that blubberring sound but im playing around with the idle scrrew and its starting to happen lesser and lesser, would a smaller jet help if it is four stroking? thnaks alot. oh one more is 88 bucks a good price for a perfomance muffler? thanks again

RE: Moddifications

$88 is the best i've seen, at stevesmoped.com but you will have to modify it to fit for that brand because they only make them 4 tomos and puch

RE: Moddifications

Joel I found an 88 dollar performance muffler built for kinetic at cosmo motors, www.cosmotor.com.

RE: Moddifications

A piece of copper tube going into a lawnmower muffler?

Not quite a "tuned pipe".... you've got to have the "snake swallowed a rat" profile... preferably of the proper dimensions.

Although yours might be OK for low end perf.

If it is truly 4-stroking.. then yes.. a smaller jet should help... but what size (ID) is that copper pipe?... and how long?

Re: I have a few questions on performance

Daniel Sorensen /

hi i

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