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ok.... today i got the stuff i ordered from moped junkyard:a speed sproket a size 64carb jet(old was 54) and a float bowl gasket and a new throtal cable.... so me and my friend put everything on but we couldnt get the carb to open all the way like it usto (at least i think it usto)..... so i took it for a spin with the new jet in... it wasnt geting enough air so i desided to put the size 54 back in but then i ran it with out the airfilter which i had never done with the size 54 and it ran like it had with the air filter on previously.... but when i tryed to put the air filter on it would be choked of air and stop.... so i ran it and i still wasnt geting half the power that i normaly got(lol but the same speed thanks to the speed sproket).....i cant figure out what the problem is i dont know if we dont have the throtal hooked up right in the carb or what but its driving me crazy and someone PLEASE know the answer to this iv been waiting for 2 weeks to get these parts and it still wont run.....

Re: bing carb HELP...

Go find an exploded view of a bing carb and see if you assembled it correctly.

Sounds like you either have a cable that is too long or you don't have it hooked up correctly at one end or the other or you need to use the adjusting screw where the cable goes into the elbow pipe on top of the carb. There should be an adusting screw that you turn to the left or counter clockwise to shorthen the throttle cable.

Have the bike on the center stand with the rear wheel off the ground. Start the engine and use the throttle to keep the rpms high enough to keep it running. Adjust the adjusting screw counter clockwise until the engine idles by itself. Use the rear brake to stop the rear wheel from turning and see if the bike still idles.

Use the screw with a spring around it on the side of the carb to make the final idle adustment.

after you have adjusted, push down on the choke stem and twist the throttle all the way and the choke stem should come up all the way. You should be able to put the air filter back on the carb and have the bike run properly.

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10 to 1 you installed the choke slide incorrectly. That is very easy to do. Look at the carb inlet without the airbox on and pull your choke rod up and down (quiet you gutter brains! ha ha) and if you don't see that metal plate move up and completely out of the way, that's your problem.

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Re: bing carb HELP...

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im pretty sure i have the carb assembled right... i will have to mess around with the choke tomarow see thats what i thought my problem was but my know it all friend said it wasnt... might have to check that out thanks

Re: bing carb HELP...

Well good luck on it. Keep in mind that what makes them so tricky is that it will look like its going together right but then the choke slide slips off the pin after you have got the main slide/needle assembly and the choke slide stuffed so far down in the carb body that you can't see it anymore. It almost takes a surgeon's touch to get those bings back together. Very frustrating!

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