Flowing anger

Today, I saw a young teen push his moped over just because it would start. All of you know, you have to treat these mopeds like people or they will fight back. They require a little love and some nice checkups and they will love you back. I almost said something to the kid, but it is his moped, he can do what he will. I love my supersport, it has it's times, but the starting is nice now with it's new spark plug. All of you have a nice night.


Re: Flowing anger

Wyatt Strutz /


Re: Flowing anger

You should have offered him $10 for it or Maybe it wasn't his!

Re: Flowing anger

when my ped wont start i say what the hell did i do to it now...and then i fix it...


Re: Flowing anger

My girlfriend is jealous of my ped... how does that fit in the grand scheme?

Re: Flowing anger

david f martin /

Your girlfriend should be jealous... after all, your ped is better:

Starts out cold, but warms up quickly.

Appreciates any attention you give it.

Doesn't mind whether you take a short ride or a long one.

Doesn't bother you while you're trying to watch TV.

Doesn't cost as much to maintain.

Need more?


Re: Flowing anger

Yea, my supersport is in the shop right now, that baby is real tempermental. She is hot but has an ugly attitude. I'll be happy when it is fully broken in!


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