can i use any motor on this bike?

ive made posts about this 79 floozie i found. its made by grycner. it hear it uses a sachs 505 engine. since its been hard for me to find a running 505 for an affordable price ($40-50) i was wondering if i could replace it with another more affordable motor. how would i go about getting that done. i would have to mess with the mounts? is there a motor similar to the sachs 505 that is more common and would fit? let me know..

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Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

General 5 stars either had a Sachs or Minarelli motor on them. There is a Sachs with several pictures, with a Tomos motor mounted on it. - search for the green beast or something.

Basically you need to hook up the coil, and the lights, and anything will work. YOu may want to make sure that the "donor" motor came off a bike with a battery and turn signals, just so everything will work.

You will also need to figure out how to hook up your rear brake.

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

i am so lost. do you have instant messenger?

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

nope, sorry not at work anymore... I do have it at home. Yahoo, Mr_mikebartell.

but here's a general in the gallery with a sachs motor- that frame look familiar?

and slightly different

I think this has the same frame as yours, with the different motor.

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

the last one i guess looks like it...the end is different..mine doesnt split. what kind of motors do those use? i need something i can find anywhere and thatll work.

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

Here's Brock and his green beast, just for inspiration.

My point is- whatever you find, there is a way to MAKE it work-

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

only problem is i dont know how to MAKE it work.

Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

david f martin /

Ham, you're either gonna have to just get your hands dirty and figure it out, or pay someone else to do it, or find another bike, complete.

I don't think anyone here is able or willing to hold your hand and walk you thru it, step by step. There's lots of valuable info on this site, but you have to figure out how to use it.

First, take a look at your bike. Obviously, it is chain driven, and the rear sprocket is on the left side. That narrows down your choice of motors. Look at some of the bikes in the Photos section, note the size of the rear sprockets on the other bikes, too.

The post for the seat looks like you could probably use just about any bicycle seat, if you wanted.

You can use just about anything for a tank, as long as you mount it higher than the carb. You could even bunjee a plastic 1 gallon tank to the rear seat.

I'm sure you'll get lots of advice on this site, but you're gonna have to do the dirty work.


Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

Ham, I know you are trying to this on a budget but you really will end up with less of an investment if you sell that thing on ebay and then get something that is complete even if not running. By the time you get something together, you will have drained your wallet to build some "kluge job" that's always gonna be needing something. I just saw an ad today for a couple of old Motobecane mobys, complete but not running for like $65 a piece in my local "Want-Ad Weekly". 10 to 1 you could get something like that running for another 40 or 50 bucks. Hell, a couple of weeks ago a PedHed on this site was giving away a complete Honda basket case for free. It would be a challenge for someone with little experience to get it back together but at least all the parts were there. Get rid of that thing and keep your eyes open for another project. You'll be happier in the long and short runs.


Re: can i use any motor on this bike?

ehh. i missed out on a running $75 ped on anyway. i emailed bill from and asked if he could cut me a deal on the engine, etc. if he does me a favor and gives everything for around $100...why not. i kinda want to get rid of this and get something in better shape but my brother and his friend (who found it) want to fix "the original one" they found.

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