Chuck Deyoe Ausable Forks N.Y.

John Custodio /


Would like to get together with you, Iam not too far south. I also own a couple Motobecanes. Anyone know how to get in touch with Chuck? I have tried Email no response

Thanks John

Re: Out of date Registry info

I've found a lot of 'dead' or unresponsive E-mails in the maine registry too.

Not any help, but I know what you're experiencing.

Re: Out of date Registry info

John Custodio /

Thanks Wayne, John

Re: Out of date Registry info--Simon?

I thought of something- shouldn't there be a test e-mail sent out, maybe once a year, to eliminate some of the unresponsive ones, and the ones where people just abandon their accounts?

There are around 1200-1400 people registered, but I think there are quite a few that stopped by once.

plus, I think you should thin out the joke ones and some of the "I don't have a moped" ones.

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