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recently i took off the rear fender on my tomos and the hollow tube that goes through the frame that both shocks bolt to had a very slight u shaped bend it it. I can prevent that from bending any more by finding a piece of metal the right size and put it in the middle of the tube (it's hollow) but i also want to treat the problemby what's causing it...the tomos shocks have so little travel, I need shocks that are taller by about an inch and have softer springs and are oil filled. The suspension arm swivels downward enough to accomodate bigger shocks. I also want some tires for riding on trails, not really rough trails, but tires with quite a bit more "grab" than the typical tomos street tires. i mainly ride gravel covered trails in the woods near my nighborhood. also does anyone know how to make the tomos brakes stronger? I have put a larger brake cable on the rear, but i do not know if these are readily available anywhere. i found it on a junk moped. The cables i got on the bike were bicycle cables and they both snapped. And i'm getting a speed kit soon , i need to have a thick cable on the front too. anyone know where to get big cables for cheap?

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RE: Tomos Suspension

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Larger shocks, I would suggest digging around a local scrapyard, because there really isn't any way to match them up by part numbers, unfortunately.

As for tires, those should be the easiest part.

Now brakes, I do not know if Tomos has any upgrade available, they are typical lined drum brakes, but the wheels from many other 'peds will fit a Tomos, so that should open up some possibilities.

As far as that bit of metal bending, I don't have many ideas, but I will warn you of one thing I've noticed about the Tomos when 40Mph is surpassed - it tends to crab left heavily, due to the unequal pull since it is a one-side chain drive, and I would highly reccommend proper chain tension and doublecheck, as well as a heavier chain if possible, some Puch chains will fit, but again, that's a mix and match.

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RE: Tomos Suspension


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