where is the carb jet located!

I have a 16mm delorto carb, I have new jets on the way do I remove the plastic peice behind the part where my fuel line goes in or the bowl on the bottom of the carb. Thanx, how many miles should I drive before I do a plug chop I have like 3 different sizes on the way.

Re: where is the carb jet located!

Reeperette /

The Rubber boot is usually removed by loosening an automotive type clamp, but that's on a Tomos, the airbox of your bike may be different.

The carb lower bowl is removed by two small flathead screws on the underside.

Once you remove that, the jet is dead center right there, you can't miss it.

Themopedjunkyard has nice diagrams of that carb in thier Tomos section, btw.


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