Oil injection on a55

Worth deleting if I only plan to put on a pipe and upjet?

I’m supposed to pick up an a55 bike tomorrow and did the delete on my a35 which has a pipe, 15.15 Sha and and ported cylinder.

Just wondering if the delete is worth doing if I plan on running just a pipe and upjet

Re: Oil injection on a55

Probably Fred /

Both my A55 bikes still have oil injection (06 revival, 12 ST) but I inspect/service the lines, parts for kinks, leaks and such for issues,

I also run full synthetic 2 cycle injector oil per owners manual spec directions, (I use Polaris VES or VES extreme) I’ve ran kitted bikes with oil injection too but per practice I put a oz of oil in the tank for peace of mind, I probably didn’t have to or will if running VES oil because it’s that good of injector oil

I got a Puch magnum MKII with a performance pipe and bigger carb that still has oil injection on it. The mikuni oil pump puts out a bit more at the increased rpm so it runs great I, also run Polaris VES oil in it.

I have less fear and more trust in oil injection because I had and or worked dozens of 125-400 cc Japanese enduro-street bikes and kept oil injection because on most bikes the oil was injected into the main bearings so by disconnecting it and running just premix that caused lack lubrication to bearings and failure so I maintained/replaced pump, lines etc. to have no problems.

I don’t fix what is not broke but some do remove the injection on a Tomos A55 because it injects into the carb and won’t hurt the bearings running premix.

If lines and everything looks good no leaks and the bike is good clean and running injection since the get go would leave injection on and run good synthetic injector oil not junk

But something messed with and or questionable I would disable oil injection removing all components I would not go through the bother of rebuilding the whole system since it doesn’t have to inject into the bearings

Re: Oil injection on a55

Uncle Yoseph /

Appreciate it!

Re: Oil injection on a55

My a35 Revival oil injection failed at the connection between the flywheel and oil pump. The rubber connection between the two separated from the steel drive dog. Destroyed the piston, cylinder, and crank. Check yours and make sure it's good.

I bought it like this and was able to rebuild/kit.

Re: Oil injection on a55

Uncle Yoseph /

No a55 for me.. seller never told me the address

Re: Oil injection on a55

If the system works good then my problem would be human error, ^neglecting to use proper oil, failing to check n fill, letting someone borrow n them not checking/filling with synthetic. I can hear it now, "uhhhh, it stopped so i put $2 of gas and then it ran great and just stopped suddenly again a little while later n wouldn't restart." Well, did you check...," i thought you said it had automactic oil, etc"

Re: Oil injection on a55

I’d get rid of the oil injection, if it fails while you’re riding there’s no way of knowing and the engine will be junk. It’s easy to mix up some premix and fill the tank with it, you know the oil is in there.

Re: Oil injection on a55

Probably Fred /

> pat splat wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------


> "uhhhh, it stopped so i put $2 of gas and then it ran great and just

> stopped suddenly again a little while later n wouldn't restart." Well,

> did you check...," i thought you said it had automactic oil, etc"

Such a common issue with first time moped owners.

A owner of a shop I knew said he had a hard time for people to even back for the first servicing that was required for the guarantee, some would come back some wouldn’t, it wasn’t long later that they would have problems with their bikes.

Many times he went to open the drain plug and black goop with metal shavings would come out, fluid was never checked or changed, no oil in the sight glass or warning light from low oil in tank would be on, The tires low on air, just about flat, chain out of adjustment, brakes out of adjustment, bike damage being dropped but they still continue riding until all seized up,

All they thought they has to was add oil to the tank and or to the transmission and everything would be fixed.

His Service department (one full-time mechanic and the owner was part-time too) was always backed up, he had a room full of bikes with service tags on them unclaimed when he went out of business (12 years and $60,000 in debt later)

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