finally ordered the essential parts

Dave Gregory /

i've been a good 3 weeks with out riding my moped...and it SUCKS...but i finally ordered the bearings i need, which i dont know if they will even work. i have a sears free spirit (same as puch kromag) and i ordered some sealed tomos bearings. i ordered the mag wheel kind becuase...well my moped has mags. i bought a few other parts, but i know they'll work..i emailed chris at several times, but he still hasnt replied....they usta have perfect service there, but now i think there just another parts provider....


Re: finally ordered the essential parts

I don't know. i've e-mailed him several times and he always responds within a day :) are you sure you got the address right?

Re: finally ordered the essential parts

lol ya...i replied 2 a message he sent me

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