Nasty used oil w/ muffler

About in the the middle of my muffler on my supersport, black nasty oil is coming out from under where the nuts secures it. I tried tightening it, but nothing.

Re: Nasty used oil w/ muffler

mikeconsig /

that happened 2 me on my maxi-luxe before, check your gasket.

Re: Nasty used oil w/ muffler

mine is doing the same thing, are you still running on the 4% break in mix? if so, its because of all the oil in the gas, a lot is gettin unburned, it SHOULD go away once you finish break in & run the normal 3% mix. also, go to a motorcycle shop and buy some muffler packing material, take out the oily nasty packing in the silencer end of your pipe, clean it out and put fresh packing in, that packing in there now is probably like an oil soaked sponge.


Re: Nasty used oil w/ muffler

Two strokes are SUPPOSED to spew a little bit of oil out of the exhaust pipe ... the time you want to worry is when you see NO black spew.

That means no lubrication.

They are not like cars.. 2 srtrokes burn oil on purpose.

Re: Nasty used oil w/ muffler

the porblem is i don't know how to do all the mechanical stuff!:)

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